Friday, December 28, 2007

The Armour TO-DO List

As part of my general taking stock and planning for 2008 I thought I’d take stock of the 20mm/1:72 armour kits I have this evening…. Oh dear…

Here’s what I have:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Armour – WW2

World War Two kits seem to be almost exclusively German:
7x PzkwIVG
2x PzkwIIIM
1x Panther G
2x Wirblewind/Flakpanzer
2x Panzerjager(?)
1x Jagdpanzer IV
1x AA/AT kit (Pak 40, Pak 36, and Flak 38 – all with crews!)
1x StugIIIG
4x Sdkfz 251 – various sorts – they’ll all just end up being the standard infantry carriers
1x Sdkfz 251 with rocket launchers
1x Sdkfz 251 assault bridge
1x Sdkfz 250/9 recce
2x Jagdpanther
1x Sdkfz11 and Pak 40
1x 88 and tractor
1x Sdkfz 222 and Kublewagon
plus assorted bits for various “bashed” kits

I also have a T-34 to repaint and two IS-2 (both assembled and primed and started painting– just need to finish)….

Let’s say about 30 kits total – that I could find… wow… I actually only bought three of them – of the German kits that is. The two Airfix kits listed on the bottom were given to me, the rest I got in trade for my Falklands 15mm stuff! (along with a pile – like HUNDREDS – of 1:72 plastic WW2 infantry)… Well all this along with the piles of late war SS infantry I’ve already got painted would make for some great Canadians vs. 12th SS in Normandy games! (or British paras – which I’ve also got piles of already painted – vs. SS panzer troops near Arnhem!)

I think the PzkwIV and Panthers and 251s would probably be my first priority, along with the AT guns… the two Jagdpanthers would be dead last – I already have two (from a HaT/Armourfast kit) and there just wasn’t that damn many of them, especially on the western front.

I also have 4 Corgi die-cast shermans which I will at some point base and re-paint to look like Canadian tanks – maybe even convert one to look like a Sherman VC.

Now for the modern stuff….

Armour - Modern

Well I have a bit more of this stuff…

French (not in the picture)
2x AMX-30
2x AML-90
4x VAB

3x Scorpion/Scimitar (one assembled –needs to be painted)
6x Challanger I (two of which are the up-armoured variety)
10x Warrior IFV (eight of which are the up-armoured variety – there was a crazy sale at squadron…)

5x Leopard 1A4
5x M113
4x Grizzly
2x Cougar

1x BTR 50 Command
3x BMD of assorted varieties
5x BMP
1x AT-3 Sagger
3x BTR 60 PA
1x 2S9 Nona
1x Hind D
2x Mi-8
1x 2S1 Gvozdika
2x T-54
2x T-80
1x T-72

5x Bradleys (die-cast kits that just need to be re-painted)
1x Blackhawk
5x Cobras (I’ll probably only ever build and paint two – got them as part of an auction lot)
1x M-48 (assembled and primed – just need to finish painting)

2x M113 FSV (one assembled and primed – just need to finish painting)

So… uh… another 80 kits or so… okay, I may have gone a bit overboard here… adding the two together is about 110 kits… If I did one a week, that would be just over two years… Hmmm I better get cracking!

Actually I’m hoping I’ll be able to do some of them in lots – say over two weeks do four or five of the same or similar vehicles – setting up a bit of a production line.

The sad thing is there’s a couple more kits I’d like to pick up ( a couple more BMDs… some ERC-90s – as they’d be more appropriste to go with the VABs…) I think I can hold off on them for now.

As for priorities for the Modern equipment I’m thinking Russian stuff first! After the Russians I should probably get cracking on the British equipment – as I have a lot of British Infantry done – equipment will mechanize them. The American Bradleys would be up there too as they’re quick repaints, I have some M1s done, and I have American infantry based, primed and ready to be painted.

Stuff like the French VABs and the Canadian M113s and Grizzlies aren’t going to be all that usefull until I have some infantry – which may be a while. I guess the M113s could be used in Vietnam so they’d be slightly higher on the list than the Grizzlies and VABs.

Of course there are things I’d like to do besides build and paint armour kits for the next two years…

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