Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Stuff

A couple new things rolled off the workbench so far this week.

(Remember: click on the pictures below for a bigger version)

The first truly “new” things were 15 British Marines – from the Old Glory Pirate line. I’m just finishing up their officer this evening….

Some more Old Glory stuff. This technically isn’t new – and won’t be counted as such in my 2008 tally – but I thought I’d throw a picture up anyway. They were on multi-figure bases, but I thought they just didn’t look right mixed in with my other battalions so I tore them all off and mounted them on individual washers for skirmishing!

The War Room table has rapidly been taken over by all things 18th Century!


  1. Tim,

    Remember that it is always good to have figures in tricorns.

    I'm enjoying your blog (although I will confess to skipping the more modern posts).

    If you ever get over to Vancouver Island, remember that there are a number of us here in the Comox Valley.

    -- Jeff

  2. ...or mitre caps?

    Cheers, Jeff! Fair enough - I never read ACW or Napoleonic AARs (though I WILL look at the pictures if they're well done). Bores me to tears. I don't know why...?

    I'll keep you in mind should I ever head out to the wet coast! Don't hold your breath though - I think the last time I was on Vancouver Island was... uh... 32 years ago?! It's been at least a dozen since I've been to Vancouver. Not much of a traveller.

    If you ever happen to be rolling across the bald-ass prairie I'm sure John and I would love to set something up for you! You could even bring your own toys - give John some new invaders to repell from the shores of Luteland! HUZZAH!


  3. "The War Room table has rapidly been taken over by all things 18th Century!"
    Compliments - never too many Lace Wars minis!


  4. I like all the Lacewar stuff you've done, Tim. Always nice to have "creepy assistants" too.

    The piratey chaps with the shirts and irregular headgear - are you planning to use them for Quebec militia?


  5. They could be, I guess. In my mind's eye I imagined them more as New England colonial militia types. For French militia I think I'd rather have guys in toques and capots.