Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big Battles in the Back of Beyond

As Amanda and I had already played the sole campaign battle before the lads even showedup I threw together a quick battle to further tweak and test our DBA-Great War/Russian Civil War rules for the upcoming campaign weekend. It was a pretty full house with Christian, Gary, Rick and Jackson all showing up this week!

One of the tweaks was allowing mounted to dismount and fight as rifles.

The Far East, 1920’s


The Chinese are counter attacking against a White Russian force that has crossed into Sinkiang and seized a small city there to use as their base of operations for strikes back into Russia against the Bolsheviks that have ousted them.


Two forces of Chinese are attacking two forces of Russians


The Chinese (both forces were identical0

1x Mortar
1x Machine-gun
2x Cavalry
1x Assault Troops
6x Rifles

The Russians

Rifle Division
1x Command
1x Field Gun
1x Machine-gun
3x Cavalry
6x Rifles

East-Asia Cavlary Division
1x Command
4x Cavalry
1x Machine-gun
6x Rifles


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version )

The White Russian troops deployed for battle

The Chinese

Ths Russians advanced to hold a line between the impassible mountain features.

Gary – commander of one of the Chinese forces.

Rick – the other Chinese commander

Christian – Commanding the East-Asia Cavalry Division

Jackson – commanding the Russian Rifle Division

BLAM!! I think this was the first unit knocked out of action – Jackson’s Field guns blasted some Chinese cavalry to bits

The Chinese close!

The lines are broken up a bit as both sides start taking casualties – the Chinese taking the worst of it. Rick’s Chinese pull back a bit.

More of the same from the other side.

Here’s where it ended – Russians surrounding a pocket of Gary’s Chinese, and a Rifle unit even attempting to overrun Gary’s command! The Chinese Warlord survived, but the Chinese lost at the end of this turn…

The game played out quite well. Now how am I going to find time to paint some dismounted cavalrymen before the Campaign weekend!?

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