Saturday, March 20, 2010


Last week or so neldoreth made a comment about how he took a while to figure out a paint scheme for even a simple scheme like on Tommy the LHAC I had a good chuckle as I'm totally the same way; AGONIZING over the stupidest little things!?

Right now it's all these sci-fi things I'm working on. I finally sorted out the two main forces... K’s Kommandos in Greyish camo, Morgan’s Marauders in greenish camo... and I think I've settled on burnt orange for some Imperial Marines (I figure they don't care if you can see them and they want you to KNOW that they don't care if you can see them, because they are the Big Stick and they are there to settle things once and for all and you are in for a world of hurt and you deserve it if you've let your conflict grow to the point where it's attracted the attention of Imperial Authorities...!)

But I have a bunch of others I'm not quite sure what to do with... I just picked up a couple Starship Troopers figures, I have a pile of Eldar, more assorted VOID stuff, some Kryomek Nexus Marines, a couple old Copplestone/grenadier "Troopers", and some other stuff... disparate groups that I'd like to paint in recognizably different schemes...

The Starship Troopers I agonize about the most at the moment.. probably because I just got them and I'm fired up to paint a couple. Do I paint them in grey and black like the movie...? or in green and black like the animated series...? Something completely different...? if so, WHAT!? URRRRRR!!!

The Eldar I’m also really torn about – flashy and colourful or drab..? Solid colours or patterned…? I did a sample one ages ago, but I’m not totally excited about it…

I’d like to do some 28mm figures up as 28mm Timashek Legionaires, in that crazy orange/black/yellow camo scheme, but I’m not sure which figures to use…

I also have megalomaniac visions of doing some as Hammer’s Slammers… didn’t they wear khaki…?

I’m getting beyond colour, here… now getting into the question of what figures to use as what…

Back to colour, I have a small handful of Imperial Guard Tallarn and I’m not sure if I should do them in some sort of desert camouflage or paint them in more traditional middle eastern colours – like something that might jive with the Afghans that I already have…? I’d kind of like to go with the desert cam, but I may go with the other option simply because I just don’t have that many Tallarn – not enough to make much of a force – and they aren’t exactly cheap and easy to find these days…

…and this is just the Sci-fi stuff I’m currently agonizing about… don’t even get me started about the historical and fantasy stuff…

I should just go paint some stuff that I know how I want to paint, and worry about the rest later...


  1. Yep, plain khaki for the Slammers. In fact, I don't recall even the pongoes using camo.

    I think the FDF is the same, perhaps with a tiny dab of red paint on the breast for the "pin."

  2. I actually just ordered the traveller rpg book - mongoose was having a 50% off sale. I've seen the other one before, might have to check it out too...

  3. Hmmm that's weird... I was checking out those other Hammers Slammers books... and you can order the Hammer's Slammers Handbook for £10.95... You can order the Hammer's Anvils book for £16.00... or you can order Deal #1, which is BOTH BOOKS, for £13.45!?

    Ordered those too...

  4. I am at the moment painting a whole bunch of different sci-fi figures for a 5150 campaign, and I feel your pain. I'm using figures from different manufacturers and games, and not always sticking to their "official" color schemes.

    First choice is usually: camo or not? And then the fun begins. If camo, what kind? Why? How to do it? If not, then it's a whole lot different set of options and decisions.

    I'm quite entertained by this though. Gets my head out of the hundreds of Middle-earth figures I'm continually painting in a second :)

  5. Ach...!!1!

    Yes, at the moment I am agonizing about a stupid High Elf lord, for an army that already has a well defined scheme!

    Still, whatever you are doing, it's working! Your stuff is looking great! Also, you mis-characterized your Eldar test figure as a 'simple' pattern! It's an awesome pattern, and not all that simple :) I painted mine alive drab back in the day!

    Anyway, great stuff! Looking forward to what you come up with!