Friday, May 21, 2010

Soviet T-26 tank

Gearing up for a major clash!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This is the T-26 (single turret) model from Army Group North Miniatures (they also have a twin turret version!).

I’m really liking AGNM models. Great detail – supreme casting (no bubbles..) – great service…. I’m going to get a platoon of these sometime… and some T-34s… and some German stuff… and… and…

oh dear…

The paint job on this one didn’t turn out awesome part of the reason for that is there ended up being a LOT of primer on it which dulled some of the great detail. I’ve been using acrylic gesso to prime and I thought I had an old can of spray primer kicking around… but didn’t… I had a bad feeling about using gesso on the resin. It totally didn’t stick – just beaded in blobs in the corners!? I ended up adding liquid hand soap to the gesso (seriously – it’s a surfactant right?) and that worked a bit better, though I had to do a couple coats and it ended up going on rather thick. I think on the next one I’ll try scrubbing the model down with soap FIRST and see if that helps!?

I’m not sure who manufactured the crewman – I got it in an odd lot of various WW2 crew/seated figures off ebay…

I want to be a heavy tank like you when I grow up, mama…

KV-2, T-26, KV1 – all from Army Group North Miniatures

I also recently picked up three Pzkw 38T – these are die-cast “1:48 scale” models… This one I’ve simply based and added a bit more weathering. The other two have a camo paint job and I’m going to repaint them (at some point). Once those are repainted I’ll probably repaint this one to match them.

As I have three of them that’s good enough for a “platoon” (for me, at least) and I have no need to get anymore – I think they would only look odd next to another Pzkw 38 in another scale.

Here’s what it looks like next to the T-26

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Germans… Russians…

If you’re wondering where all the battle reports are for all these WW2 toys I’ve been cranking out I have a separate blog for Savage Worlds stuff (the rules I use for 28mm WW2 skirmish games and pretty much ALL other skirmish games too):

Savage Timmy’s Playhouse

Click on the “East Front” label to see the latest (or click on THIS LINK)

Next weekend I’m going to be having a bigger WW2 game (Russian Company sized counterattack on a hastily prepared German position) on the afternoon of the 29th (May 2010) The report will probably be up at the playhouse later that evening…


  1. Hi Tim,

    Some advice on Resin.
    ALWAYS wash it with some soap/water and an old toothbrush.
    The stuff they use in the molds to release the models HATES any kind of paint.
    I dont wash any other materials but Resin

    Cheers René

  2. Nice Armour work

    A touch big in 28mm for my paint brush, but absolutely spectacular

  3. Great stuff as always Tim. Wish I had more time to paint and play!

  4. Good to know about the resin. I picked up some WW2 Japanese 20mm Frontline Wargaming tanks this weekend at Cangames for my Platoon 20 troops and I'm looking forward to getting them operational.