Tuesday, May 25, 2010

German AT gun, Feldpolizei and More!

As promised more Germans…

The pics aren't as good as others lately as it is pissing down rain and I had to take the photos indoors...

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This is a Pak 36 AT gun and crew that I picked up from Army Group North Miniatures.

I struggled to decide whether to put them all on one big base together or base the crew individually and leave the gun be… This way I can remove casualties individually and even have others (even Russians) crew the gun… On the other hand it’s a pretty flimsy little gun and being stuck to a base would have offered it considerable protection when jostled around in the drawers or if ever I transported it somewhere.

German army cameraman from Bolt Action Miniatures. I’m a sucker for these odd and unusual figures… sometimes I think “honestly, when am I ever going to use this…” but then we DO use Savage Worlds: Showdown rules (with Fortune and Calamity – and freak events) and one of the freak events in the Modern Ops version involves a camera crew that suddenly shows up (I think it always moves towards the most dangerous part of the table – unless held back by units on the table – and it’s loss is big negative victory points for the side it’s ostensibly on…). So, you never know…

These are some Feldpolizei ready to set up a road block somewhere… They are from Artizan Designs

A spare Kraut I happened to finish up around the same time – Infantryman in a greatcoat. Actually with that camo cover he’d be an SS trooper in a great coat… The figure is from West Wind Productions.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Russians, likely. Possibly a BA-64 Armoured Car…


  1. Nice work. Lovely how they are coming around. And taking pics in the scenery is something I should probably start doing :/

  2. Great idea with the PAK .... I can see the germans faces when the russian crews turn the gun on them

  3. As always fantastic work. If I was a dark jedi I'd strike you with force lightning, take all your stuff, and legally change my name to "Tim".