Friday, May 28, 2010

Converting Canucks

I picked up some odd WW2 British in an ebay lot during the Spring Sree which I thought I'd use as Canadians for operations in North West Europe.

I have no idea who the manufacturer is (any guesses...?) and I'm not sure Canucks used that large pack... but I'm not fussy. One thing I've noticed, however, is that just about all pictures I've seen of Canadians, from D-Day and beyond, were all wearing camouflage netting on their helmets...

So I tried to add some with green stuff... this is a bit labourious, but I think they'll look better in the end. It took some trial and error and picking green stuff off and starting over again until I found a pokey thing of the right guage to get the right look of hte netting. I need to add a bit more scrim to these lads, but overall I'm happy with them so far. Motivation to get working on these isn't REALLY high as I'm currently engaged in an East Front Campaign and though I plan to do a Canadian Campaign afterwards... it seems like a long way off...


  1. Hi Tim

    My guess is 1st Corps.


  2. Very nice work one those helmets! The Canadian troops are looking pretty good so far!


  3. deffinatly 1st Corps, currently out of production while we try to sort out some new masters as the master mould was used for production.

  4. I need to do something similar with by British so I will follow your technique. Good job :)