Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When it Rains...

...it POURS!! A number of things arrived today from the latest (and LAST!) spending spree of the year!

First were some AWESOME looking AFVs (T-26, BT-7, Stug C/D) and a Pak36 and crew from Army Group North Miniatures>. They are exceptionally well made resin models and I definitely will be ordering more at some point. I totally can't wait to put these ones together and paint them! I'll have to excercise a little patience though as I ordered some crew from Warlord Games/Bolt Action Miniatures...

Also arriving the in the mail were a handful of more WW2 Russian riflemen from The Assault Group. This will beef up the sections of my (still very understrength) Rifle Company.

On top of that a copy of Risk: Lord of the Rings (Trilogy Edition) arrived - that I traded another game for with some friendly fellow on Board Game Geek which my son is VERY excited about (though I told him we have to finish reading the series before we play it - we left off half way through Two Towers when we got distracted by Mouse Guard!)

...oh and a book of trio arrangements for violin, Quartered Safe Out Here (by George MacDonald Fraser), an Osprey Special Edition (Infantry Tactics of WW2), the Mouse Guard RPG (it's for the boy - one of the top rated RPGs on Geekdo) and two Apocalyptica CDs all arrived from Amazon... it was like freakin' Xmas!!

Unfortunately I get to look at/prep/prime/paint NONE of it this evening as I have a newsletter to prepare...



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