Monday, October 4, 2010


I've been rather busy lately painting up a storm. Nothing to show here because... well... I haven't been painting miniatures... I've been painting... well... Other Stuff.

I'm rather excited about painting pictures at the moment and I'm going to ride that wave for a bit. Totally giving up on painting more than I purchased this year... but I'll get caught up next year! There's really very little I actually CAN purchase for some time, so...

I did get in a game of Contemptible Little Armies last week and when I have a moment I'm going to get a game report up here. I'll likely have another game this Thursday...

Should also be finished up my next painting in the next day or two - which some of you may get a kick out of, so I'll post it here as well!

Starting to think about another game weekend in the new year - could be a HOTT campaign... could be a Savage Worlds WW2 mini skirmish campaign... it would likely be around the weekend of February 25-26-27 (my annual Wargaming Birthday Bash),

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