Friday, October 15, 2010

ECW Scots

The miniature painting productivity level has dropped around considerably… I’ve been busy… well... painting other stuff.

Mr. Miller was over again last night for another painting night and I finished up a stand of ECW Scots Covenanteers.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are all from The Foundry. I picked them up earlier this year off ebay.

They are the beginning of a ECW-DBA Covenanteers army. Not entirely the most useful thing to work on right now, but they were nearly done so I thought I’d finish them up – because finishing anything is finishing stuff and finishing stuff is good.

Not sure what to work on next…

With my time being limited and so many interesting things to work on I need to come up with some sort of plan and stick to it to get maximum productivity out of said limited time…

One would think I should finish up the Canadian Sherman Troop I’ve started. The problem is, though these could be finished up pretty quickly, they have not real opponents to fight, or terrain to fight upon… and getting stuff done that I will be able to USE seems a more efficient way to spend my time.

Things I am kind of excited about at the moment are: De Bellis Antiquitatis (Seven Years War, Dark Ages, and Romans) and Contemptible Little/Ever Victorious Armies (East Africa/Middle East, Russian Civil War, and British Civil War)…

For the Seven Years War I HAVE two complete armies ready to use – British and French (we used them in a battle last week). What I’d like is to try some BIGGER battles (two brigades/commands – or more – per side) with some different troops (cavalry!). I have two complete brigades for the French, though they are mostly foot. I need to finish 9 more stands (~72 figures - but EASY-to-paint figures!) to field a second full brigade/command of British. I do have some French Cavalry (2-3 stands, 8 mounted figures) I can paint as well.

For the “Dark Ages”, I have a number of things to work on: Irish, Picts, Scotts, Welsh, and some extra Anglo-Danish and Vikings (like two more complete armies of Vikings!). The irish seems like they’d be the quickest ean easiest fo finish (~40 foot). Though there’s less Picts (~30 foot + a chariot), they’re more time consuming to paint (because I feel compelled to paint tartan patterns on their cloaks, etc.). The Scotts and Welsh aren’t even started (looks like 50-70+, each, for all options). The additional Viking armies are pretty low priority, though I have a few stands of Anglo spear I’d like to finish up so they could be fielded as “Middle Anglo-Saxons”.

Rome… well I have the one Roman army… I’d like to paint a second one (for John)… and some early Germans… then some more Romans… None of the new ones are started however and all will be 70+ foot plus some mounted… so lot of work there and thus lower priority.

I guess I’d also be interested in trying some English Civil War with DBA-x, but I only have enough stuff for one force (and now a single stand ready for force #2…). So I guess these Scots aren’t entirely useless.

Contemptible Little Armies/Ever Victorious Armies… I was thinking we could try using Ever Victorious Armies for some of our Great War era games – some of the mechanics seem a bit “cleaner” and more suited for our preferred level of play (maneuver units being battalions, etc).

Anyway I have some stuff for East Africa, the Middle East and British Civil War. I kind of like to do some Russian Civil War… but most of it’s been rebased and I don’t really want to go re-re-basing again, I’d rather just cast up and paint new stuff… Starting from almost scratch puts that lower on the priority list.

For East Africa I have about 20 Germans (mostly askari to paint) and about 40 British (again, mostly askari). I can also cast up more, but what I have currently would be good for a fair sized battle. There’s enough brits that if I painted up the Turks (~40) I picked up last month I could have a fair sized battle with those…

We’ve already played one game set in the fictitious (Very) British Civil War (c1938). I have the forces we played with… plus another dozen British (well, Canadian, really) infantry that I’ve recently re-based and all those Police (which I forgot to pull out for the last game!). I also have a few more armed civilians I could throw in. In terms of what could be painted up to add to the possibilities are another dozen British (Canadian) infantry and about 16 Naval Brigade.

Hmmmmmm… Irish then…? Or SYW British…?


  1. Nice job with the eyes on the figures--I feel like such a hack when I look at your stuff! Yes finishing stuff is good!

  2. Very nice :) It's good to get things done for sure... but then sometimes it's good to just do something for the fun of it, just because you want to! Whatever comes next, I'm looking forward to it!


  3. Nice Scots

    You are touching on a period I always felt I should game being English with a Scottish Wife