Tuesday, August 10, 2010

English Bobbies (and others)

Another productive evening…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These Bobbies are all from Artizan Designs. I picked up some more rifle armed ones to make a “unit” for insurrectionary/revolutionary skirmish gaming. This brings my total police constables to about twenty.

Here’s the lot of them:

There are 10 rifle-armed constables, 3 have pistols, and the remainder have batons (or fists of fury!). Four of them are actually Victorian era Bobbies from West Wind Production’s Vampire Wars line, and one is from a Foundry pack of WW2 Civilians.

I also happen to finish up a pair of armed civilian/partisan/resistance types. Both are also from Artizan.

Finally I finished up the last of the Crusader Miniatures Early War Germans I have. They’re only “early war” because I’ve painted the entire platoon with an earlier war shade of feldgrau tunic with grey pants and helmets. This fellow was mostly painted some time ago – years, perhaps – when I did the others but for some reason sat in the box unfinished… it feels like a “cheat” to finish him up and count him towards this years total… but then at the end of the year there will probably be partially painted/unfinished figures that I’ve started THIS year – that won’t be counted until some later date… so… it all evens out in the end.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Russians…? Maybe…? I don’t know…


  1. I like the Bobbies and your pace is unrelenting!

    I find the Very British Civil War idea to be highly attractive, but I just don't like skirmish gaming and the RPG angle enough to invest in it. Pity because I think the setting and concept is way cool. Maybe I should just read a book on it--any suggestions anyone?

  2. It is tempting!

    I was thinking about using Contemptible Little Armies for some VBCW action at some point. Seems like it's work - company sized units with the occasional flying column of armoured cars or light tanks...

    Solway Crafts and Miniatures seems to have some "source books". I have no idea what kind of rules other folks are using. I'm a creative enough guy I could generate my own fluff for any battles I get around to doing...

  3. Nice work as always!
    Hmm, one wonders what's going on in the sceptred isle that they need to take on so many new "Bobbies" (and some rather heavily armed at that!)...

  4. Only just come across the bobbies in an early copy of wss and was thinking whether they might be suitable for late 19thC for a bit of VSF gaming. They paint up quite well 'ol boy.