Saturday, August 20, 2011


A couple assorted adventurers rolling off the workbench:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

From left to right we have a wounded adventurer from Mega Miniatures (from a “townsfolk” pack, I think…), an old Citadel Miniatures Female Fighter, and… um… I’m not sure, but I’m going to guess that this is a Ral Partha dismounted Crusader Knight (if anyone knows otherwise please feel free to correct me!)

Here they are again from the back – all kitted out for adventuring… well the adventurers are… The knight probably has a squire carrying his stuff while clopping two coconuts together to make horsey noises…

The wounded adventurer is fun, but not entirely useful (as a PC anyway…) could be an NPC met in a tavern with some rumor of marauding orc tribes, or whatever. Or maybe a recurring one to add some comic relief: Dan the wounded hireling - no body ever sees him in action, but he always seems rather beat up...

I really dig the female fighter character – so rare to find one in a full mail shirt without some ridiculous deep plunging V-neck shirt of mail to show off cleavage… (or the nearly ubiquitous chainmail bikini top…). Now don’t get me wrong, I dig cleavage as much as any red-blooded, heterosexual male… but in the miniature world it’s just gotten a little silly… she’s also totally kitted out for some serious adventuring. You can’t see it but she’s clutching a miniature crossbow behond the shield.

Speaking of the shield it was inspired by some shield designs done by Neldoreth over at An hour of Wolves and Shattered Shields (Thanks n!)

I like the crusader – nice dynamic pose. But I’m guessing it was probably one that was originally available in packs of six for wargaming. As cool as the pose is I think it’d look odd making an entire unit of them!? I’m not against units of identical figures – I have plenty, from all eras – but for such a unit I prefer a more generic advancing/marching pose. More committed or dynamic poses look just… well… odd. Especially once you get to the age of gunpowder – all shooting poses kind of look like firing squads if they’re not done right..

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Oh probably some more fantasy nonsense. Maybe a battle report…


  1. Thanks as always for posting these fine pictures.

    I love 'characterful' figures like the "wounded adventurer" - although, as you say, probably not so useful as a PC (well, not to start with anyway!)

  2. These are great -- the female fighter looks like one tough cookie.

  3. Nice! The female would be great for a PC. The shield looks cool. I like your idea of the recurring always wounded NPC.

  4. Very nice. The last one looks like an Old Julie Guthrie I THINK. Could be wrong though. I often am.

  5. Ooh! I found him!

    42-161 Spanish Armoured Infantry with hand-and-a-half sword

    Ral Partha Historical Catalogue 1985 PDF

    (he's on page 8)

    looks like the line was sculpted by Tom Meier, Denis Mize, and Bob Charrette.

    It does sort of look like an old Julie Guthrie though... maybe it's just that "early '80s" look...?

  6. hello, I would be interested in buying the female fighter miniature. I like a lot your painting style. Could it be possible?

  7. Thanks Rafael!

    I really like this figure myself and I'm not really interested in parting with it at this time. Sorry.