Saturday, August 20, 2011

HotT/DBA Double-Header

Rather than carrying on with our Gladiator Campaign, I busted out some HOTT & DBA this Saturday night.

First game was Hordes of the Things, which I played against Rick…


Too long have the Orcs of Gorgwent held Rickvold, ancient stronghold of the Ricklet Dwarf clan… Young Rickli Bearwrastler son of Crickli, the new clan chieftan, has decided to lead his clan in against the stronghold to wrest it from the evil squatters!


Dwarves attacking Orcs.


The Orcs of Gorgwent
1x Hero General – Nmit Twofang
1x Behemoth – Cave Trolls
6 x Riders – Wolf Riders
2x Beast – Wolf Packs

The Ricklet dwarf Clan
1x Hero General - Rickli Bearwrastler, son of Crickli
6x Blade – Dwarf Warriors
2x Shooters – Dwarves with guns
2x Beasts – assorted wild critters.


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The Orcish battleline ready to defend their ill-gotten digs.

Short, but full of righteous fury: The Ricklet Dwarf Clan.

The lines advance… I pulled my beasts out of the woods and tried to maneuver them to flank the dwarf line, but Rick mirrored my movements – Beast on Beast is an instant death situation which I try my best to avoid… So I hung out for a turn and hoped for better PIPs to bring in some riders to deal with them and then hopefully turn the flank.

Unfortunately the shooty dwarves blasted a whole pack of Wolf Riders to… well... wherever Orcs go when they die…

The lines were about to meet and Rick has sadly lined up his Hero General with my Hero General – another instant death situation I generally try even HARDER to avoid… (I guess if I really wanted to try even harder to avoid it, I’d stop taking bloody Hero Generals and take it as a Rider General and have one more element in my line… but I digress…).

Riders Contacted the Pack of Woodland critters and scattered them… but it wasn’t nearly enough.

The main line met and Rick won the Hero General vs. Hero General roll (actually the dice tied, but he had an overlap) so game over, Dwarves “won”.

Of course the Orcs were left more or less intact and scattered only to regroup in the woods nearby…. They would soon return to harry the Dwarves…

Around the time that first quick game wrapped up Dave and Patrick arrived and I decided to itroduce them to HOTT/DBA. Dave chose Vikings and Patrick took Anglo-Danish…


Them Anglos haven’t been payin up the Danegeld… Time to go give them a thumping to remind them who’s boss.


Vikings attacking Anglo-Danish.


1x Blade General
10x Blade
1x Warband

1x Blade General
2x Blade
8x Spear
1x Psiloi


The foes form their battle lines…

Eyeing each other across the field of battle they begin their advance…

The battle lines clash!

There is much shoving back and forth, neither gaining the upperhand.

The Vikings charge back in, turning the Anglo-Danish flank.

A unit of Spear is lost!

Further down the line another Spear is lost.

Most of the rest of the Anglo-Danish line is pushed back.

Desperately the Anglo-Danes rejoin the fray.

Catching the Berserks off balance they are destroyed of driven off… but it is too little, too late.

Elsewhere the Anglo-Dane Huscarls begin to crumble and the rest of the line is driven back..

The Vikings Surge forward.

More of the Fyrd spearmen are lost at the end of the line, many panicking about being flanked and fleeing into the woods.

Back in the middle of the line the Huscarls continue to crumble… sealing the Anglo-Danes doom.

If that weren’t bad enough, the Viking General’s personal guard massacred another batch of fyrdmen.

Enough to lose a game all in one turn – on top of the previous losses… Not a good day for the Anglo-Danish….

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More o’ the same… painted toys… HOTT/DBA battle reports…


  1. Love it!! Again two superb reports! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very nice games. The Dark Age figures look very nice indeed.

  3. Nice game reports Tim! Playing is even more fun than painting!

  4. fun reports. Always good to see the noble dwarves beat the nasty orcs.

    I noticed DEATH wandering around. Are you using that as a marker? I assume the dead/wounded figures on round bases are markers, too?

  5. Easy to get confused between the Saons and the Orcs. :)

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Well... sometimes, Bob... depends who you're playing with.

    The grim reapers and dead guys on round bases I put on the table when taking pictures to show where elements were lost on a particular turn. I'd like to get dead markers for all of my armies, but I haven't yet located dead/casualties for most of the fantasy armies as yet - and some of the others - os i just use the generic grim reaper for those.

    If you saw a bigger "death" figure in the background it's actually an old rafm figure I based for a "God" in Hott (but have somehow never used). It is conveniently on a 60x60 base so I was using as a Zone-of-Control marker.