Sunday, August 21, 2011

Isengard Invades Lothlorien… Again…

When will they ever learn... !?

I’m sure a couple years ago I played an Isengard vs Lothlorien game with Amanda.

Anyway, this evening the Girl was determined to play The Elves and include wizards in the army, despite my many warnings that it’s a “tricky” army to play. The Boy took the Isengard orcs to fight against them, so we decided the Elves must be the Elves of Lothlorien.


A band of Orcs from Isengard has been sent to invade the lands of Lothlorien. The Elves stand waiting.


Orcs attacking, Elves defending.


Elves of Lothlorien
1x Magician General – Lady Galadriel
2x Magicians – Other Elf wizards
3x Blade – Elf Warriors
3x Shooters – Elf Archers

Orcs of Isengard
1x Blade General - Mudruck
4x Blade – Orc Warriors
4x Spear – Orcs with Pike
2x Shooter – Orc Archers
1x Beast – Warg Riders


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The army of Lothlorien arrayed for battle.

The Boy with Mudruck’s army of Uruk-hai.

The Girl, ostensibly leading the Elves.

The armies advance.

The Elf magicians blasting the Orc general caused him to retire momentarily making a slight dent in the line.

The Warg riders carged out of the bush looking for some fresh elf meat….

… but were shot down in tempest of elf archery.

Again the Orc General is recoiled by Elvish sorcery.

Not waiting for their general to catch up the Orcs crash into the Elvish lines.

Along the entire line the orcs are beaten back by the righteous fury of the elves defending their homeland. The center of the Orcs line begins to crumble as the warriors there are dealt some punishing blows by the Elvish wizards and begin to fade away.

The Elvish archer on the left of the line begin to maneuver – having little else to do…

Again the orcs rush the elves.

This time they are able to overwhelm the Elves and turn their flank.

Panic begins to spread amongst the Elf Warriors and the right of the line begins to break.

Meanwhile the Orc archers at the extreme right of their line find nothing in between them and the Elvish stronghold and make a break for it.

I think Finnegan thought this was a particularly clever move…. Not sure if he realized he’d actually have to attack it once they got there…

What a mess. Lots of shoving back and forth. The Girl began to loose interest/patience at this point and in a very whiney voice asked why everyone was always just getting pushed back?!

Zones of Control everywhere… but no one with enough PIPs to turn any flanks.

The archers getting ever closer to the Elvish stronghold. A single band of Elvish Warriors being ever pushed back towards his one table edge – but effectively holding back two Orc blade and four spear!?

Oh so close… Will those wiley orc archers sack Lothlorien while the Elf army is otherwise engaged...!?

At about this time The Girl had had itm,retired to bed, and I took over the Elves.

Finally got enough PIPs to get some flank contacts going on.

Poof there goes another band of Orc warriors.

Finnegan was so full of glee at the idea of his archers getting in contact with the Elves stronghold I don’t think he quit realized how exposed and imperiled his General was.

It looks bad for the Elves… but really at this point they’d only lost ONE stand to three of the Orcs…

Once again not enough PIPS to engage the general AND turn his flank.

But who needs a flank contact when you roll lucky like this!! Dead General game over – the remaining Orcs flee in terror back to Isengard… well… those that aren’t cut down as they try to leave…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More of the same…. Might try and get in another game with the kids tomorrow. I think Mr. Miller is joining me tomorrow evening for a night of painting – so there should be some new toys on display here Tuesday sometime.


  1. Great report, lovely photos and figures.

  2. Great batrep, good to see the little ones engaging in some military learnin' ;)