Thursday, February 23, 2012

Campaign Preparation Update

Well just over 28 hours to go until the campaign weekend starts with our Friday Night Big Battle that kicks things off. All day Saturday we will be playing a Dark Age DBA campaign starting around 9AM (and probably going until about 9PM…). Sunday I’m going to be running some Savage Worlds game…

So here’s where things are at:

Six Dark Age DBA Armies (Viking, English, Norman, Welsh, Scots, Irish)
Six Gentle Hills
Four Steep Hills
Five Marshes
Waterways for two came boards (including one section for a River section to empty into)
Enough River sections for two (and a half) boards
Enough Roads for three boards
One Ford

Still to Finish Up
3 more new game Boards
Finish campaign map board
Conquest markers
Irish Army Marker
Quick Reference Charts
Campaign Rules Reread

Not Going to Happen (but maybe for the next campaign)
New Woods bases
New Trees
A few more Hills (Difficult and Gentle)
More Roads and a couple Crossroads
More River sections and More Fords and Bridges
Built up Areas
More/Better Camps

Here’s a few pics of some of that stuff I’ve got done…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The War Room/Hobby Bunker... in the midst of terrain construction

One set of Water Way terrain bits.

Other set of Water Way terrain bits (with River!)

The River sections.

The Road sections

Marsh Terrain sections

Gentle Hills

Difficult Hills

The Board all set up with my beloved Irishmen!

I cut out sections to do new Forest terrain sections with new (moveable) trees. Not going to be getting to those tonight - but I'll have the old trees and sections of felt for woods...

So who’s pumped for this weekend!?

Who’s wishing they could have come!?

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Despite the fact that I do have a few things to finish up before the campaign, I probably won’t get to posting them before the game weekend gets underway – so the next you’ll see here is game reports


  1. very nice terrain! I especially like the easy distinction between gentle and rugged hills, and the beaches/water features.

  2. Wow - that's a lot of work gone into those. And they look great!

  3. Nice work on the beach/surf! I'll have to nick that from you.

  4. You have been busy. Excellent looking terrain. A whole weekend of gaming! Bliss....

  5. I can't wait to send my intrepid spear men plodding across that gorgeous terrain.

  6. I think you forgot to add "victoriously" between "men" and "plodding" - begin the smack-talk now!

    Or did you fancy they'd be plodding in retreat?

  7. Well Cory could have used the words "Running Away" between men & plodding, but its nice of him to save that for the battle report

  8. Nice table sir!
    I especially like the beach sections (any longships to land on them?)

  9. *slurp*
    that terrain looks delicious :)

  10. Donogh - That was another thing that should have been on the "Didn't get it dont (maybe next time)" list - I do not have any longships - but I plan to some day. Previous river sections I made have been highly textured with waves, these I left flat specifically for the purpose of being able to place ship models on them!

  11. Those Anglo Saxons don't run anywhere. They mostly just stand around with their buddies drinking. Kinda like a summer baseball league without the baseball.

  12. Beautiful. The look perfectly compliments your lovely minis. Very much looking forward to lots of pics from the weekend!