Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Greeks of Myth and Legend

I’ve been reading the fantastic Olympians Graphic Novels with my kids over the last couple weeks, along with a graphic novel version of the Odyssey. This week we just started Black Ships Before Troy - Rosemary Sutcliffe’s retelling of the Illiad – the hardcover version with the beautiful illustrations by Alan Lee. I’d track it, and The Wanderings of Odysseus, down after reading a review of them on a blog that I follow (thought I can’t for the life of me remember which one – if you're reading this and you recently wrote a review of them on your own blog after reading them with your children, THANK YOU!).

Anyway, it’s all Greek all the time around here and it’s been making it very hard to concentrate on finishing up Dark Ages armies for the immanent campaign! I have a feeling the War or 1812 project might be put on hold until next year as the Hoplite armies and additional fantastical elements for HOTT version of Greek armies move up the priority list… The battles of 1813 and 1814 were more interesting anyway, right?

I’ve also been eyeing up Foundry Miniatures Greek Mythology Collections….

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

An elderly Greek man from Warlord Games.

A Satyr from Black Tree Design.

Another element of Light Horse for a generic Early Greek Hoplite DBA army

These are also from Black Tree Design.

A minotaur from RAFM that I’ve had kicking around for a while. I’d picked it up intending it would be in a Narnian Army of the White Queen (for Hordes of the things)… If I ever get around to that I’ll have to pick up another Minotaur.

As the scale isn’t immediately apparent from the above picture I thought I’d also post one of the Minotaur with the Elderly Greek man.

Not Greek. But I also happened to finish it up at the same time and didn’t’ feel like doing a completely separate post for one nekkid Celtic Fanatic…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I also finished up the last of the Anglo-Saxon Spear and a pile of (individually mounted) Norman foot over the weekend. I'll post them up tomorrow.

I've also been working (like a mad bastard) on terrain and some new game tables for the Dark Age DBA campaign coming up this next weekend!! WOOT!


  1. Check these out Dryad, Nymph, Slyph, Centaurs


  2. These look great. Fantastic work as always.

  3. Nice work; that tattooed fanatic is great. Best, Dean

  4. Some great figures, the Minotaur looks awesome!!

  5. Woad be to the man who messes with the fanatic.

  6. Great stuff as always.. I really dig that minotaur!