Saturday, March 23, 2013

Barbarossa Tank Battle - Force on Force

As our original plans fell through this afternoon, Gary stopped by for a quick game of Force on Force. To do something quick I thought I'd throw out a few tanks to try a small scale tank battle. 

As there are no stats for this stuff I sort of made stuff up as I went... and in teh process made the guns WAY to powerful.... Ah well... we'll know for next time. 

Gary had the Pzkw38t

I had a T-26

and a BT-7

(and I had a light AT gun hidden some where)

Gary spent two or three turns approaching cautiously - always leaving one tank on overwatch.

I tried shooting one of his tanks with my AT gun... I should have waited another turn until they were within "ambush range"...

As it was his overwatch tank interrupted and blew away my gun befroe I could get any effective shots off... Teh crew survived, however.

Teh new turn he tried to run for cover with one tank and I got a side shot in - bowing it up... well... I scored a "Vehicle Kill", not a "Brew-up" but it was out of action, nonetheless and all the crew were injured!

Teh other two tanks decided to go around the woods the other way.

I rolled out my T-26 to get a shot and they blew it up... this time they DID brew up the tank! Now on a brew up it says the crew get a -1 dice shift to troop quality for determining crew casualties... but the T-26 crew were already D6 Troop Quality to begin with... so I'm not sure if they were all meant to be automatic casualties... or if I should have just rolled d6s....? I rolled d6s and only one was a casualty...

The remaining two panzers started to try and sneak around both ends of the woods my remaining tank was hiding behind.

Not wanting to wait for that, I rolled out and blew another one of the Panzers away!

Then the BT-7 turned around to go face the other one. I got a shot off first but (miraculously) only damaged the Panzers mobility. The crew passed their bail check and fired back, blowing up the BT-7.

This was sort of a last minute "let's see what happens" sort of game so I didn't work out any victory conditions or victory points... Other than to say Gary's objective was to exit the opposite side of the table... As I mentioned I made the guns on all the tanks WAAAAY too powerful. If we rolled the firepower on the light tanks back a bit, there might have been a bit more of a shoot out - than simply whoever shot first blew up the other tank...

Fun was had. Lessons were learned. Altogether a positive afternoon.

Rick's coming by to play another game this evening so I'm off to get that ready... stay tuned for that next report.

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