Friday, September 20, 2013

Ambush Z at Toon Con

I ran a game of Ambush Z at ToonCon earlier this evening… actually it will probably be “yesterday evening” by the time I post this…

I had two players that showed up (Rick and Pat). Another had signed up but didn’t show. Another had stopped by as I was setting up and asked if there was space in the game but I didn’t happen to know at the time… Could have done with a couple more players… ah well…


The players were to controls teams of survivors playing against myself (controlling the zombies).

The survivors were on a hunt of supplies. The had to cross the table and get to the pawn shop and/or the surplus store to pick up supplies. Obviously there was guns and ammunition at the surplus shop – the pawn shop was an objective because someone remembered an old Ham Radio set there and they hoped they might be able to use it to get into contact with other survivor groups.

Infection Level 3


I had a few different survivor groups available to play with (not knowing in advance how many players would be there). I said they could each take two.

Pat chose:

Army Sniper team (2) with Suppressed Sniper Rifle and Assault rifle (Special Weapons Team bonus). TQ d10, Morale d10

Army Fire Team (4) 2xM16, 1x M249, 1x M16/M203. TQ d8, Morale d10

Rick chose:

Beat Cops (5) 3x Shotguns, 2x Pistols. TQ d8, Morale d10

Armed Civvies (6) assorted hand weapons and a chainsaw. TQd6, Morale d8

This is why I don’t often go other places to game… Run demos at the Dragon's Den, etc... That’s my zombie game all loaded up on my bike…


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Sorry about the quality of the photos, the lighting in the hall was horrid.

The lay of the land: the Pawn Shop is at the left edge of the picture, the Surplus Shop is top center, and the deployment/exit area for the players survivors is at the right of the picture.

There was 20 zombies on the table at the beginning, scattered about in three groups.

Snipers with suppressed weapons are awesome… First Turn – down go some zombies and they had no idea where it was coming from!

The players pretty much ran straight up the center of the street.

I just kept getting hordes and hordes of more zombies every turn and every time they fired.

Seriously, with an infection level of 3 I should have gotten reinforcements on half the turns… of the 10 or so turns we ended up playing I don’t think there was a single turn that I didn’t get reinforcements! And half of the pop up rolls due to gunfire generated more zombies. It was insane.

Luckily the cops and sniper team were kicking some serious zombie butt!

The Regular Army Fire Team… not so much… On their first attempt to run out from cover and fire on some zombies, a zombie team actually managed to interrupt them and charge and wipe them out in two rounds of close combat!?

From that point on the cops covered the civvies and pretty much blew away anything that came near them, and the sniper team covered the cops and blew away anything that came near the cops…

The Civvies made it to the pawn shop and, for once, I failed a roll against the infection level – so they found no zombies in there.

Rick’s cops charged the zombies by the Hot Spot hoping to clear it so they could run through the alleyways behind the buildings to get away as there was rather a LOT of zombies coming from the other direction.

Rick was rolling HOT for shooting. On five dice I rolled a 6, 6, and 4 and was thinking that was pretty awesome… they rick rolled this mess: 8, 8, 7, 7, 6, 6, 6, 4, 4, 4…

Unfortunately everytime Rick shot more zombies kept popping up at Hot Spot #1…

…and one of those mobs took down the civvies as they staggered out of the Pawn Shop with all of the radio equipment…

Rick attempted to recover the radio and clear off some more zombies, but another batch of NINE reinforcing zombie showed up at that Hot Spot and wiped the cops out…

At this point the only Living team left was the Sniper that was hiding behind a broken down truck on overwatch and so they decided to scarper.

Good times were had by all (I think?)! It was very, very loud in that hall – which is good – there were a lot of people playing a lot of games and having a good time – but I had to shout constantly for about two hours and my throat is sore and my ears are ringing… and I have another 5-6 hours of the same tomorrow!?

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Tomorrow I am running Force on Force and helping John run
Wargaming Nineteenth Century Europe 1815-1878 (with some snazzy new Austrian Cavalry!).


  1. Nice report, I do like your dangerous streets, looking good!

  2. Yes, streets and the city is looking good!

  3. Hi Tim! How did you made those buildings?

  4. Thanks Everyone!

    The buildings are just cardboard boxes. I glued the lid shut, covered them will a coat or two of gesso, painted the tops black, painted some colour on the sides and then painted some windows and doors and other details on - Super cheap instant town!