Sunday, July 23, 2017

English Civil War Clubmen (and Women!)

Productivity is up a bit this week - I finished off a bunch of 17th Centruy civilians that will most likely see service as Clubmen in various forces for The Pikeman's Lament.

And then there's this fellow...

Mounted Preacherman from Redoubt Enterprises. He actually came in three parts - the horse and the preachers legs and lower torso, the upper half of the  Preacherman (less his right hand), and a right hand holding a book. I'm not sure why the right hand holding a book was a separate piece?  It's not like they provided alternative extra optionals hands...? In the end I gave him a spare sword I had (I think from Old Glory). I probably should have modelled a sword belt with a scabbard draped over shoulder... but I was lazy...

(I tell myself I added the hand because he already had one book under his arm, what other book would he need besides the Bible? the truth is I partly gave him the sword because I misplaced the right hand holding the book that was provided with the miniature...)

These are the civilians I finished up this week. Most are from Redoubt Enterprises, but a few are from Wargames Foundry or Casting Room Miniatures. This batch finishes up three units of Clubmen!

Three units of Clubmen for The Pikeman's Lament. A whopping THREE POINTS for the lot of them.

I've been toying around with a map based campaign system and considering allowing the defender to always be able to field one or two units of clubmen - as a free bonus - depending on the size of the village or town. Nothing may ever come of it, but I like thinking about these things...

The most recent unit - all new minis from Redoubt Enterprises.

Over half of these were painted this week and is made up of miniatures from Wargames Foundry,  Casting Room Miniatures, and I think there might be a model in there from Warlord Games and maybe Dixon Miniatures...?

This third unit was painted a few years back. It is made up of figures from Warlord Games.


  1. Excellent work as usual!

    That makes sense to me about the preacher and the book. Why would he have 2 books, unless he was distributing bibles. :)

    Thanks for the words about pikes previously! It will probably be some time before I get around to the pikemen (pikedwarves?).

    1. Distributing bibles - Ha! I had thought of that as well!

      Perhaps one in the recent King James edition and the other is an older edition which he prefers to pick and choose some of the more fire-and-brimstone-y passages from for certain occasions...?

  2. Nice grungy bunch, I have to agree about the sword, why would you have more than one copy of the good book? And surely he would not have a sword belt, he'd just pick up a sword in righteous anger ready to smite unbelievers!
    Best Iain

  3. Great stuff! I always had a sneaking sympathy for the Clubmen, poor put-upon people that they were.

    1. Me too! With most games I'm always interested in civilians and how to incorporate them - either as battlefield features to be avoided or worked around (like fleeing refuges that get in your way). Or as active participants, trying to do what they can to save their own land. Sometimes even objectives themselves - stealing sheep or cattle in a skirmish game. It's probably one of the things I like best about Song of Shadows and Dust - it's urban combat -there's always going to be people around and they can react in wild different way from running or joining in on one side or the other!