Friday, January 19, 2018

Rogue Trader Personalities

After finishing up the Khorne Bloodbound Warband for John earlier this week, I concentrated on getting a few miniatures finished up for the Rogue Trader campaign I'm starting up TOMORROW!!

These first three are from Hasslefree Miniatures. Options for Astropath, Rogue Trader, and a Void Master Pilot.

These next three are from the Lead Adventure Miniatures Astropolis II Kickstarter. These could be an Exploratory, a Navigator and... I don't know...? Seneschal...?

I'm trying to get a few done for each character type so the players will have some choice as to what they use for their character in the game.

Tomorrow we'll just be making characters and working out backgrounds and I'll be introducing them to the setting and how the campaign will work. The campaign is a bit different from most I've run - where player characters are generally lower level and just starting out their careers in... whatever sort of adventuring they plan to do... In Rogue Trader the characters start off as pretty powerful characters in command of a Rogue Trader void ship with a crew of thousands at their disposal. They are so wealthy that money isn't even kept track of - instead there is an abstracted "Profit Factor" against which they make "Acquisition Tests" modified by how rare the item is and how many you want.

I imagine it might be a lot like the old Birthright setting for D&D which I never played, but always thought was a neat idea - playing a game where your characters START OFF as nobles in charge of some holding - rather than having to carve out a kingdom by your own sword!

Finally... well... they don't necessarily have anything to do with the Rogue Trader Campaign (at least not as characters...)... are a pair of "Rogue Trader Era" squig miniatures I've had since the late 80s and recently decided to strip and repaint...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I might do a post about the various characters in the campaign...

In terms of miniatures you're likely to see next... well... I have loads more Rogue Trader-ish characters on the workbench still, but I've pushed some more Tallarn to the front of the workbench - two Special Weapon Squads armed with Meltaguns. Behind them are miniatures for Amanda's Tau Kill Team for Shadow War: Armageddon. Behind those is a squad of Tallarn Roughriders. I'm going to try and alternate between Tallarn and... other things... just to keep it interesting.

I did finish assembling the Shadowsword and started painting it... but it seems to have been pushed aside for the time being. I'll probably plug away at it, a bit at a time, so it doesn't get tedious and abandoned altogether.

Perhaps I'll do a post about the games played over the past week... which have been NONE (so far!) but the kids are hoping to get in a game tonight and there'll be the Rogue Trader game tomorrow... and maybe I could add some pics of the Kitchen into that as the tile back splash finally went in this week... which SHOULD have finished things off...


  1. Nifty. Got a decent start to a Rogue trader group.

    1. Thanks, Chris! Oh I have others, I just tired to finish up a few more so there were options for people. It looks like I might have up to EIGHT players!? So hopefully at least a few of these will end up being used!

    2. Figures crossed that it takes off.

  2. Great rogue trader fig. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    1. Thanks! He is a fun figure, for sure. I think he's listed under Fantasy/Steampunk Pirates, or something like that...?

  3. Wow, love the character of these figures. The "rogue trader" himself is just fantastic, what a great sculpt, and the brushwork is superb. Well done.

  4. Great looking rogue trader figures and glad to hear your kitchen is finished!
    Best Iain