Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sisters, Valhallans, and Bog-Standard Cadian-Types

So I went a little overboard on Ebay again recently... but first a few more things I've actually PAINTED...

All of these figures are from Games Workshop.

Two more Sisters of Battle for Amanda's Adepta Sororitas force - a second Canoness and another Sister Superior. I picked up the second Sister superior because the complete squad I'd picked up for Amanda had a Imaginifier in it (which is actually a separate character now) and thus she had a character and a incomplete squad of 9... This second Sister Superior allows her to field the squad as two smaller squads of five or one of 10 (as this Sister Superior, armed with a bolter, could easily pass for a regular ol'sister...).

An Inquisition Acolyte with a big-ass flamer - to KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! I finished this one up to use as one of the extra characters for Blessings Unheralded. The Character is an Inquisition Acolyte that looks just like this figure... minus the big-ass flamethrower.

A renegade space marine... just... because... reasons...

I figured it's alway s good to have a handful of these as baddies for 40K roleplaying... I have two more to paint up, along with a pair of terminators and a squad and a half of cultists.

So... the other stuff...

A BIG order arrived in the mail today and I set to organizing them to see what I'd got myself into!


There are a few more minis inbound from different sellers (another mortar team, two more Infantry men and two more BA-64s). I will, ultimately, have a Brigade Detachment of these. HQ options will include up to three commanders (or possibly a Commander, a Primaris Psyker and Lord Commissar...?). I have six identical Infantry Squads for troop options (Sergeant, Flamer, and 8 Guard with Lasguns). I have three Command Squads for Elites (and possibly 2 Lieutenants, if I go with the Primaries Psyker and Lord Commissar options for HQ). I have four Heavy Weapon Squads for Heavy Support (Heavy Bolters, Lascannons, and two squads with Mortars). Additionally, for Heavy Support, I plan on converting those three 1/48 scale KV-2 tanks into Ragnarock tanks (which will basically use the same stats as Leman Russ tanks...). Maybe I could get a fourth and make it a Tank commander for ANOTHER HQ option...? For Fast Attack I thought I'd use three BA-64... and just use them as "Armoured Sentinels". I thought I might remove the diminutive turret (as no 40K guns would fit in it...) and place one of the Sentinel rocket pods on top. Alternatively, if I could find a model of an OT-26 "chemical tank" I could pass those off as Hellhounds...?

But wait, there's MORE...


Because they had them, I picked up two squads of metal Cadians from the same place I picked up more of the Valhallans. At one point I had an entire COMPANY of Cadians - in plastic... but I traded (most of) them away over the winter when I decided I didn't need THREE full Imperial Guard forces... (of course, now I'm going to have FOUR). This force is a bit "top heavy" - I have three officers and three command squads for a force with only three Infantry Squads... Ah, well... I have no intention of filling this out to a full-sized force - definitely not getting any armour for this force. I thought I'd used them for Ship'sTroops for the Rogue Trader campaign or as a back up or supplementary detachement for another Imperial force - like the Sisters or my Knights... There's basically a Battalion Detachment there (with 9 Command Points!).

Oh, that wasn't all...

Adepta Sororitas

I also picked up another squad of 10 sisters from the same place to add to Amanda's force. I actually have another 5 inbound - so eventually this will be a Battalion force (when fielded as squads of five - or two of ten and one of five..?). It will bring the force to 29... they could all fit into three Rhinos - which might be the next addition - once these all get finished... and maybe PLAYED with!?

She will be playing with ONE of them Friday evening, as Amanda has called "dibs" on Battle Sister Henna Orten.

Shoot, I just realized She also picked up the Celestine: The Living Saint box for me to assemble and paint for her... (which are not included in this pic). That'd be THREE HQ options... Could this become a Brigade?! No... that would require a bunch more elites... and some fast attack... and heavy support... Battalion, though... sure, that's doable.

I'm not sure when exactly I'm going to get to painting any of these (or the Drukhari, or my Craftworld Eldar, or the couple handfuls of Marines and Chaos Renegades for that matter)? My original Game Plan set out a pretty full schedule of painting to try and get my Tallarn all done this year - and most of the ECW stuff... I'm sure I'll fit a few in here and there and it might be another year before ALL of the Tallarn get done. The problem is enough are done that I can play a pretty decent sized game, so some of the impetus to get them finished has gone. It gets harder to finish up units that I'm pretty certain won't ever see action (or not much...).

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hopefully I'll get a chance to finish up that first Knight soon... but I do have new shiny stuff, so... I'll probably spend some time over the next few days stripping minis that need stripping, basing and priming all of them.

I also need to maybe take a break from painting and stuff and do some serious cleaning and reorganizing of the hobby dungeon. It is a bit of a mess. Has been for the last four years - never really recovered from the renovations in the rest of the house (when we had to take everything from the rest of the house and store it in the basement - some stuff just never found i's way back upstairs).

Over the summer, after I've cleaned and organized things, the plan is to haul everything out of the Game Room and do a little renovating in there - building some new shelves, dismantling the giant gaming table (to make room for a new gaming table that Amanda found last fall and has been propped up between the bed and the wall in Finnegan's room ever since...). But, as I said, the first thing is to clean up the giant mess downstairs.


  1. I like your style. The KV2 has just had a 40K makeover on World of Tanks. May your derp gun never miss

  2. Lot's of stuff, the KV2 had got a nice 40k vibe with its out of proportion gun and turret it fits right in,so no larger Cadian force,yeah of course,no chance..., Sisters of battle look good,you you got a massive imperial force now,oh and I like your chaos marine, speaking of which I really need to sort my shed out,having had work done on the house it's just chaos!
    Best Iain

    1. If I ever get them all painted I will have a truly massive fore of assorted Imperial stuff... I have an assortment of Space Marines to paint as well. About 20 plastic Tactical marines and a few Space Wolves and a PILE of old terminators that I've been collecting up over the years - I just haven't settled on chapter colours. Well, I've settled on colours (Orange!) I just haven't settled on a name or device. My original marines - that very first plastic Marines, 30 years ago - I painted them in orange (and maybe a bit of purple) and called them the Emperor's Jesters... had an easy little clown-face device... I'm not sure I want to go with that this time around... seems a little chaos-y...

  3. Nice paint work as usual! And what a haul of figures!

    I just recently placed my first ever ebay order, followed by a second one. Still small batches of minis (8 or so in the first order and 3 in the second). But at the pace I paint that's for the best. ha ha

    1. Thanks!

      Oooh! What figures did you get!?

      I don't buy as much as I used to on Ebay. I find that, at least in Canada, the shipping for single or small numbers of figures has gotten utterly prohibitive. Shipping starts at about $12!? For a SINGLE FIGURE!? A lot of sellers have flat rates and combine shipping, so larger orders end up being considerably less per figure... So I only really order stuff from sellers when I can get a bunch of stuff all at once.

    2. Some sci-fi figures. Stay tuned for the completed minis. :)

      That makes sense about maximizing your orders to minimize the shipping costs.

    3. Can't wait to see them!