Friday, November 9, 2018

Friday Afternoon Kill Team

Friday afternoon I dropped the kids off at a friends place for the afternoon. I thought rather than ride all the way home and ride ride back to pick them up, I could arrange to get in a few games at the Dragon's Den - which isn't very far from their friends place. I put out a request on the Hunters of the Warp group on Facebook and a Friendly fellow named Mark offered to play a few games with me.

As Mark was planning to bring Adeptus Mechanicus I brought along my Genestealer and Chaos Kill Teams - along with a couple options for Kill Zones.


The First scenario we played was Take Prisoners in a Sector Mechanicus Kill Zone.

It seemed an appropriate place to start - as he was playing Ad Mech. The Take Prisoners scenario was interesting and kind of made sense. A Tyrnaid bio-pod crashed on a Forge World and genestealers were sent out to bring back samples of the locals for breakdown and study of their biological components. The Adeptus Mechanicus, for their part, having noticed the landing on their aspen would be interested in capturing nay of the visitors for their own study!

The scenario really requires you to isolate individuals in order to capture them, as that is the only thing you get victory points for - captured enemy. So, I set out two groups around the flanks. I think I lost one Genestealer early in the game to boobytraps the Ad Mech had set up amongst their machines and equipment. A second might have been injured by more booby-traps...? I can't remember.

Moving up, taking cover, ready to pounce!

Of the three on the left flank, one was blown away by overwatch fire and the remaining two found themselves a little overwhelmed facing a Sicarian Infiltrator, two Skitarii Vanguard and  Ranger (or two).

The Right flank more easily overcame a few over extended elements of his Kill Team and quickly captured our first prisoner!

Another was killed by them, but they had friendlies nearby and so could not be captured.

A Sicarian Infiltrator was isolated and surrounded... We knocked off all of it's wounds, but it just would not go down - every wound thereafter was just absorbed by armour or turned into another Flesh Wound!?


On the other flank, the second Genestealer was killed leaving one alone and surrounded.

I think by the end of the game - which ended after round five, The Ad mech had captured this Genestealer, but mine had failed to get that Sicarian, so it was even and a draw... So close!


Our second game I rolled out the Heretic Astartes! This time we played the Terror Tactics scenario in a Sector Munitorum Kill Zone - In the scenario you get two victory points for each model you could get off the enemies table edge and one point for each enemy taken out of action. So better to just try and get as many off - I had a bit of an advantage in numbers with my hoard of cultists!


I tried a Bum's Rush Just throw a bunch of cultists at the Mechanicus Team and send another bunch running for the far edge of the table.

Cultists are pretty weak - so the Ad Mechs did manage to kill a BUNCH of them in the process

I did manage to get a few off - and kill a few enemy in the process.

At the end of Round Four I think it was sitting at 9-7 for victory points (I'd gotten six off and took three enemy out of action, The Ad Mechs had taken out SEVEN of mine - Including one of the Chaos Space Marines!). I had to opt for a strategic withdrawal at that point, however, as I had to go pick up the kids. I feel it could still have gone either way at that point. I could easily have gotten at least two, maybe three, more off, which would have put me in a pretty commanding lead... But he could have just as easily killed the rest of my team...

Fun games. I'll have to try and make it out to games at the Den more often.

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Later in the evening we got in another round of our Campaign for Xoxigar, but that deserves a separate post... Stay tuned... Hopefully I'll get to that SOMETIME this weekend!!  It's going to be a busy one, though...


  1. Great to get a game in! Looks good and nice to get a different opponent?
    Best Iain

    1. It was indeed fun to get out and play with someone different.