Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Grey Knight Commanders (and other stuff)

Happy Holidaze to all, and, for those that celebrate it, a very merry Christmas to you all.

Over the weekend I managed to finish up three more Grey Knights - all command elements.

From left to right a Brotherhood Champion, a Brother Captain, and a Justicar.

Brother Champion Tyson - a Headquarters element for the Grey Knights (also a commander option for Kill Team). I put him on a slightly larger base to make him stand out from the others a bit. Unfortunately I two other metal Grey Knight Strike Squads off eBay and both include this figure as the squad's Justicar... Ah, well... They'll go on smaller bases...

Brother Captain Alan - in Terminator Armour. A second Headquarters element for the Grey Knights. Once I have the two other Strike Squads painted I'll be able to field these as an allied "Battalion" Detachment. I have no real desire to add any more to this force.

I don't know... I guess if some one GAVE me a couple of Land Raiders or I happened upon some of those old school metal Grey Knight Terminators...

Justicar Jeff - commander of the first Strike Squad.

The entire force - so far...

I don't have the Grey Knights codex... and... don't really even plan to get it... (Unless I start playing and using these in the league or tournaments... I'm really only planning to use them occasionally when facing chaos in fun games with friends - where we usually just use Power Levels to put together forces and I'll just use the stats I have in the Index: Imperium 1). Using the data sheets from Index: Imperium 1, this force looks like this:

Brother Captain in Terminator Armour - Power Level 9 - Storm Bolter, Nemesis Force Sword

Brotherhood Champion - Power Level 6 - Storm Bolter, Nemesis Force Sword

Strike Squad - Power Level 7
Justicar with Storm Bolter, Nemesis Force Sword
3x Grey Knights with Storm Bolter, Nemesis Force Halberd
1x Grey Knight with Incinerator

Purgation Squad - Power Level 9
Purgator Justicar with Storm Bolter, Nemesis Force Halberd
4x Grey Knight Purgators with Incinerators

A total of 31 Power Level so far. To this I'll be adding another two Strike Squads (Power Level 7) for a total of 45 Power Level - probably in the neighbourhood of 900 points -  and then I'm DONE!

In other news...

Look what arrived just in time to give to myself as a Sanguinalia gift! There's a plastic space marine there for scale.

I kind of lucked out with the other two, they were prepped and primed and ready to be painted. This one was fresh out of the box...

Seriously... in came with the original box... and there is going to be a LOT of work to get this prepped for painting - carving/sanding/filing off mould lines - filling air bubbles - repairing other flaws with green stuff... Ugh... It will look pretty rad when it's done though! And though it will take a bit longer that I'd expected (like a LOT longer than I expected) it's still jumped to (very near) the front of the painting queue.

My folks also gave me this for Xmas.... So, I'll be assembling and painting these over the holidaze as well...

Finnegan also got Warhammer Quest: Shadow over Hammerhal, so we'll BOTH be assembling and painting up a storm in hopes of playing a lot of Warhammer Quest in the new year!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I don't think any of these painting projects will be finished enough to be posting pictures any time soon... so the next posts will probably be looking back at 2018, the Game Plan for 2019, and a December Games Round-up.


  1. Oh, actually I'm off to Dragon's Den tomorrow for their annual Boxing Day Sale... perhaps I'll post some pictures of the loot acquired there!

  2. It'd be pretty easy to convert your grey knight in terminator armour's weapon. Even flipping his sword from down to up might make the key difference to be 'a different' model. Dumping something different as a force weapon (axe?) could be fun too....

    1. The Brother Captain in Terminator Armour? His weapon actually IS a conversion. That model is supposed to have a Nemesis Force Halberd with a purity seal with a long bit of parchment hanging down and coiling about the weapon. I got him super cheap off eBay BECAUSE he didn't have a weapon. Conveniently, I had a bunch of Grey Knight plastic bits I picked up in a bag of assorted imperium stuff and found that sword puncturing a deamons head and thought that would be pretty rad to use...? The forearm was from a completely different bit!

      Oh, did you mean convert the bonus brother champion dudes I'm getting with the strike squads to make them look different from the brother champion that I'm actually using as a brother champion...? I suppose... I'm hoping I might be enough just putting them on a smaller base - the same as the others in the squad - and maybe painting that cloth hanging down between their legs a different colour...? red, maybe...? We shall see...

    2. Ah. I misread the text about whether it was below or above the picture. I was talking about the unit leader (brother champion).......guess they aren't in terminator armour. The grey knights do sorta suffer from a similar look and posture for most of their guys. Distinct heraldy might hack it. A different weapon would do a lot more I imagine. YMMV.

    3. Yeah, that's not a bad idea... I think I do have some force halberds in the plastic bits... Thanks!

  3. Yeah, when I have duplicate models sometimes variations on the paint scheme help, and sometimes I like to do some minor conversions, like weapon swaps (plastic kits are good sources for that) or even a little greenstuff work.

    You grey knights look cool. Nice work! Those titans live up to their name! Massive beats, eh? Do you have a paint scheme in mind for the new (old) model? Is that the one you were talking about previously when I brought up cloud leopards?

    1. Thanks!

      I'm thinking blue - like a light, bright almost turquoise kind of blue. I'm kind of thinking a stylized lions mane on the carapace.

      Those cloud leopards look wicked cool... but when I was trying to visualize it in different colours and thinking about how I'd paint it, I kept imagining it looking more like a turtle's shell...?

      I also got stuck on the name Leonem Caeruleum...

      I will definitely have to try and paint something like a cloud leopard at some point... but probably not this titan... maybe an actually big cat - or if I ever went completely bonkers and picked up the Triumvirate of Ynnead - I think the gyrinx would look rad with that pattern (the psychic familiar of Yvraine, Emissary of Ynnead)!

    2. Yeah, to be honest Looking at the model I was thinking lion. It looks a bit bigger than the other 2 models or at least has more going on around the head. Clouded leopards are smaller - I think they are sort of medium-sized cats, like between a lynx and a regular leopard?

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family Tim.

  5. Great looking grey knights! Three Titan's,that's insane!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain!

      Yeah... it is a bit daft...

  6. Love the massive gorget on the GK Termie, but it seems that he would have a hard time tying his shoes!

    1. Ha! Yeah... I'm pretty sure shoe-tying - or bolting on, as the case may be - is a job for the Chapter Serfs.

  7. I just have visions of all these Snots or Nurglings or whatever running around tying shoelaces together, and these genetically engineered supersoldiers falling on their faces.

    1. Probably why they're bolt-on rather than lace-up...

  8. That titan looks properly massive!

    Hope you made out nicely at the boxing day sale (and if not, there is always ebay!)

    1. (and it's small compared to the newer Forge World ones!!)