Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Necromunda Re-Basing Project: Part the Second

Instead of painting new figures this past week, I've mostly continued re-basing of all the existing Necromunda figures...

The group for this week...

Well... most of them...

Okay I did finish off two totally new minis... another ganger and a miniature I thought Amanda could use as her Rogue Doc Hanger on: Doc Sanders. The Doc Sanders is, I think, a Shadowrun miniature...? the medical kit came from my bitz box - it think it was originally from a Tempestus medic?)

Mechanicus! We have an Explorator - Jer-Ohm (from Lead Adventure Astropolis), a couple of Servitors and a very youthful adept (also from Lead Adventure Astropolis). Explorators are Cult Mechanicus tech priests

Two of the Spyrers - Abraham Ran Lo and Constance Helmawr (yes, of THOSE Helmawrs... she's officially 3416th in line of succession, though... so...).

A pair of Scavvies - Exvus and Rakkr - a right nasty pair, these two - know to eat the faces off of their victims in hopes that it might make them pretty... it doesn't seem to be working (Exvus is an old Coppelstone grenadier model, and Rakkr is an old citadel figure).

A yet-to-be-names Navigator and his astomech servitor RJ-D2 (there is actually a brain of an older navigator entombed in that bucket of bolts, whose body finally failed her after nearly two centuries of piloting void ships through the immaterium - it is armoured and sealed against all manor of hazards as well as the void!)

(there was a kid I went to school with named RJ. He was kind of short. I always imagined if he were a Robot he would be called RJ-D2 - this miniature is named in his honour)

Bounty Hunter Janis and Ratling Slopper Marty McNesbitt - who prides himself on knowing 32 different ways to deep fry corpse starch!

A pair of Enforcers, touched up a bit and re-based (the basic blue they used to be was a bit... dull...). I haven't named any of the enforcers yet, but I am going to need a Eva Suli (probably not one of these uniformed enforcers... She's the bad-ass Intelligencer with Divisio Integritas from Rachel Harrison's contribution to the Underhive collection of short stories I just finished up... It's a great collection, I highly recommend it for Necromunda inspiration!)

Rogue Trader? (mini from Hasslefree). I feel like maybe I should have done the sword as a Power Sword! You know he'd totally got a plasma pistol tucked away in that jacket somewhere...

The man, the myth, the legend: Karloth Valois! I put him on a 40mm base to really bling it up, as befits a rock-star necromancer like Valois.

Totally did his name in creepy letters on the back...

A couple of Bounty Hunter/Mercenary types. The one in Red on the larger base is the leader - Marcus - no one knows quite where he came from. Some rumours suggest that he, and indeed many of the others on his crew are deserters from off-world guard regiments that were brought here to help contain the threat of the alien cult that overran Hive Secondus. The one in green is named Simms.

Van Sarr Juve named Skeeter - armed with both stub gun AND Autopistol - he is ready for ANY occasion.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

The Necromunda re-basing project rages on! I have finished the Delaque, Escher, and Redemptionist gangs - just need to finish writing up the posts (trying to add in a bit more fluff about the gangs and gangers)


  1. They look great, and Valois looks especially badass!

    1. Thank you so much. I have to say, when I was putting all that stuff on his base I got a little worried that it would look way too cluttered or busy, but once I got paint on it all, I was rather pleased with how it turned out.

  2. Lovely looking collection of minis! I particularly like the scavies and the lead adventure stuff!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain! I LOVE just about everything Lead Adventure puts out! They're all just so fun. I hope they get to doing an Astropolis 3!

  3. Great work on the painting and the basing of all of those!

  4. of the worst things to contemplate in the Hobby, but it is so great when it's done, isn't it?

    1. I'm such an idiot, I've done it so many times, I'm pretty much a pro at it now and it doesn't even phase me... but, yeah, I'm pretty happy with these now!


  5. Awesome post! Such an interesting miscellany of miniatures. I especially like the non-GW ones: some figures I've never seen before. And Karloth's base rocks!