Friday, November 16, 2007

Ding Dong '68

Me and the local Savages got together to play some Savage Worlds last Saturday. It was just a pick up skirmish game that I organized at the last minute – I had a hankerin’ for some Vietnam skirmish action so that’s where I sent them.

The mission was to kill of capture a high ranking member of the COSVN that intel had been tipped off was on a recruiting drive and would be heading to the village of Ding Dong. I gave them the option of going in with a LRRP team (improperly employed in a Direct Action – as they were from time to time…) or a platoon of regular grunts. Being the shoot ‘em up maniacs that they are they took the Grunts.

Jeff P. returned in his role as Sgt. Ronald Hicks – squad leader for the weapons squad, Lloyd took the Platoon commander, Lt. Nathan R. Johnson – ex-West Point Football star quarterback. Finally, Andrej took Sgt. Edward Graham – Squad leader of Second Squad.

They were told Ding Dong was considered a friendly village – it was the villagers themselves that tipped off into as to the presence of the COSVN official. They were not to use any explosive munitions in the town, and were to check their fire – make sure of their targets. I don’t think Ding Dong could be considered friendly or loyal to the governement of the Republic or Vietnam or the Americans after this incident….

Here’s some pics of the action.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The peaceful village of Ding Dong at dawn.

Savage Jeff P.

Lloyd planning out his attack on the village.

Savage Andrej

Hicks and one of the heavy weapons fireteams move up towards the village. On turn one the VC super aced (again, and again, and again) on a notice check and started firing. It went downhill from there.

Lloyd getting a “grunts eye view” of second squad moving up through the rice paddies. I have to say Lloyd/Lt. Johnson did try to maintain some sort of fire discipline – his troops just refused to listen. At one point he was so frustrated he was ready to start chucking grenades at his own squad leaders….

Weapons Squad taking casualties.

Second squad pinned in the rice paddies.

They did (well Lloyd/Lt. Johnson did…) locate and actually capture alive the COVSN official - Lloyd/Lt. Johnson tackled him! (grappled with a raise!!). Above is Johnson and two grunts directly under his control that charged this building, took down the VC in it and captured the COSVN official.

Here’s some of Jeff/Sgt. Hicks handiwork – I think every last one of those casualties were civilians.

Same thing over on Andrej/Sgt. Edwards side.

Another shot of the action.

Other highlights of the game included Lloyd bunching up his guys and having them shot at by an RPG (sound familiar..?). I think he then proceeded to throw a grenade at the RPG gunner and hit him in the head with it….? (He did have d8 or d10 in throwing…).

The Savages will be back next week (uh… well… tomorrow) for the beginning of a fantasy campaign.


  1. very cool looking game. We use Savage Worlds for an all genre game called Junktown (yahoo group is WTJunktown). It's great seeing a historical game based on the system and I'll have to persuade people to try this out.

  2. Good, game, Tim! Hey can I ask you what kind of grass that is? I've been using flock and it isn't cutting it too well. Great job, cheers.

  3. Cheers!

    The grass on the figures bases? It's either GW or Gale Force Nine green static grass.