Friday, April 27, 2012

Assorted Ancients

A I’ve been working on some Greek and Amazon Hoplites… but managed to finish up a number of various ancient gods, heroes, and civilians in the meantime…

 (Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

First, a few goddesses from Wargames Foundry - from left to right are; Demeter, Aphrodite (with her precious Golden Apple) and Hestia.

Some slightly less that divine Greek Women. The three more voluptuous ones on the left are also from the Foundry. The two malnourished waifs on the right are from Warlord Games.

One of the Argonauts from the Foundry. I liked their colour scheme of black and bronze so I went with that…

A few Romans. The two in front are from Crusader Miniatures. I picked them up last summer during our Gladiator Campaign. The chap on the right I figured would be Ludus owner – some Neveau-riche pimp-daddy trying to look rich by wearing as much gold as he can but just looking gaudy… I just picked up Cthulhu Invictus… thought these guys might be handy…

Their attendant servant is from Wargames Factory.

Some ripped Egyptian Priest from Crocodile Games.

A not-so-ancient (more Dark Ages) Spanish noble – also from Crusader Miniatures.

 Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

 More ancients… Probably Greeks and Amazons…

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  1. More great looking figures; nicely done. Can't wait to see them in your game. Best, Dean

  2. I really like the apple and the Egyptian priest! Excellent set.