Sunday, February 3, 2013

WW2 German Pak 40, Machine Gun Team, and Casualties

I stayed up way too late Thursday and Friday night trying to finish these off for Saturday’s game (actually I was working on these AND a bunch of other stuff as well, but abandoned the other stuff as it became apparent that there was no way I’d get it all done – but it will be shortly!) – and the we didn’t even need any of them for the game as we never got to the second scenario which called for the Pak 40… Ah well…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Pak 40 from Crusader Miniatures. Looking at this picture now I'm thinking the gun looks a little... I don't...? Plain? I think I might add some camouflage paint... You know, sometime when I have nothing better to do... 

Sniper and MG team from Black Tree Design.

German casualties, three are also from Black Tree Design, one is from Artizan Designs.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

A few more WW2 items are on the workbench as well as some more modern items. Next up will be some WW2 Germans and Canadian tank crews and modern Africans! After that..? There's Argentines and WW2 Soviets and SS polluting the painting table... Though I've been eyeing up the Generic Middle East Regulars and have some other modeling projects I'd like to get going on... 


  1. I like the PAK40 and the other figs! I do agree with you the PAK while painted well needs something to give it some pop...maybe add some foilage or some sandbags or something around it to add some character to the basing. The work itself is great...if anything making some netting on poles (as to avoid being spotted from the air) perhaps?

  2. I agree Tim with Styx, a bit of cheesecloth painted brown/green & hung from a corner of the gun would look awesome!

  3. Very nice work Tim! I really like them.