Sunday, July 28, 2013

1914 French in 40mm

My friend John has been modeling stuff in 40mm lately. First for his Great (imaginary) European War of 1850, and more recently for the 1914 battles of the Great War. When I was over there last game, I brought home some of the 1914 French to try painting for him. 

(Remember: click on the picture for a bigger version):

1914 French in 40mm sculpted and cast by my John Bertolini. They aren’t properly based yet as we haven’t figured out a basing system for the 1914 stuff. It’ll probably be six bases of three – as with the 1850 stuff.

John’s also done 1914 Germans and Russians and probably Austrians and other Balkan armies…. But not the British…? That’s okay, because I’m working on my own (though I haven’t made any more progress since the last post).

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Um… Still in renovation limbo with the added excitement of outlaws visiting this coming week… productivity may drop further… or possibly increase… (if I end up spending a lot of time hiding in the basement!?)

Maybe I’ll try and get that last unit of my own 28mm 1914 French done…?

Or get cracking on my 40mm 1914 British!


  1. Does your friend cast 40mm figures for sale? I have recently gotten into that scale and really like it. You had his name as a link, but it just brought up your blog again.

    1. I think he may have sold a few things to people that have contacted him through the Old School Wargamers. But he's not doing it as a business (yet), and doesn't have a web site or blog of his own.

  2. Really like the 40mm French.They would be fantastic for Little wars gaming or Funny Little Wars.