Sunday, July 14, 2013


A couple of odd casualties I decided to get out of the painting box…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Great War British/Canadian casualties from Old Glory.

Greek Hoplite casualty from Warlord Games.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hmmmmmm…. Not sure just yet… So many different projects and plans and ideas pulling me in so many different directions at once. It’s a bad situation as I usually try to do it all and in the end get NOTHING done… On one hand I’d like to paint up a load of medieval/fantasy figures and run a game of Savage Worlds for the kids… at the same time I want to finish up the Greek Ships I started a year ago and resume the Greek Myth Campaign I’d started… At the same time I am stoked about Great War projects and plans I’d like to jump back into the  Vimy Projectwith tow feet… But I’ve also got a half finished unit of 1914 French and another unit away from completing that force… and 2014 is coming up sooner… Oh and then there’s the (probably daft) idea that I should abandon the 28mm 1914 Great War and model some Brits in 40mm to go with the French and Germans my friend John’s  been working on… Oh, and speaking of 40mm and John… After playing that little battle last week I thought I’d like to put together a force of 1850-ish British for his imaginary mid 19th Century war in Europe!? And then there’s the Modern stuff that I’d been working on over the winter that I’d like to get back to and finish up… and zombies… and then there’s some days I feel like saying EFF it and just abandoning the minis and concentrating on painting and  drawing comics… 


  1. Great work, love the poor Hoplite.

  2. Agree with Ray, great looking hoplite, even if he does not look in top form...

  3. Realy like your markers. The problem of beeing easily distracted is well known to me too. I think it's some kind of issue that comes along with the wargaming virus.

    1. Yes. The thing is I CAN stay focused on things at times. I think it's when I'm actually playing games that I stay the most focused - when I have a campaign going that people are actually showing up for and are excited about playing I can stay totally focused on one thing... as soon as the campaign fizzles or people get busy (or I get busy) and we stop playing games... the mind starts to wander...

  4. Good times in regards to the insanity of being randomized by so many projects! Great figs this week Tim, thanks for updating!