Wednesday, April 15, 2015

British Chindits for Bolt Action

I have put together a small force of Chindits for Bolt Action. Here's what I've got:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Chindit Force – 670 points (so far…)

Patrol HQ: CO (1st Lieutenant), Sergeant Major, Batman/Runner/Siganller
(Veteran Lieutenant plus two extra Veterans) 116 points

2” Mortar team (part of the Troop HQ, technically, but is considered a separate team for Bolt Action)
(Veteran Light Mortar Team) 46 points

1st Section
Sergeant (SMG), Bren-gunner, 6x Riflemen (Including Bren No. 2 – all SMLE)
(Chindit Section, 8 Veterans, 1 SMGs, 1 Bren LMG) 143 points

2nd Section
Sergeant (M1 Carbine), Bren-gunner, 6x Riflemen (Including Bren No. 2 – all SMLE)
 (Chindit Section, 8 Veterans, 1 Bren LMG) 140 points

3rd Section
Sergeant (M1 Carbine), 7x Riflemen (SMLE)
(Chindit Section, 8 Veterans) 120 points

Other elements of the column:

Medical Aide and wounded
(Veteran Medic +1 veteran) 43 points

Vickers MG team(s) – somehow I ended up with TWO of these!? I guess if I ever expand the force to two platoons I could make use of them both…
Veteran MMG Team @ 65 points

Mule Team
No real rules for these… I suppose I could us it as an objective marker of some sort or add it to the Medic’s team…?

Some Bolt Action figures are available singly and I had hoped to place a small order and pick up a third Bren-gunner (and some others) to fill out the sections. Unfortunately the Bren-gunner doesn’t seem to be available anymore – as a single figure – so this is it for now.

At some point I might add a PIAT team and/or Boyes ATR Team and a 3” mortar team. I could even see adding a complete second platoon – of either Chindits or Gurkhas. I could also see adding a Forward Observer team –either air or artillery – for some of the bigger actions on Operation Thursday

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

The French


  1. Very nice job, great diversity of the poses and splendid paint job, MG teams and mule are my favorites...

  2. love it just working on some thing slimmer

  3. Very nice, but, what's with the eyes? They look rather weird and way too large