Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Updating the 28mm Vietnam Gallery

Not dead yet...

I've been sick this last week and not really been doing much of anything at all - let along painting... I did a little bit of assembling  (40K Imperial Guard - if you can believe that)... and got in a game of Carcassonne with the kids... and during a few other moments when I wasn't just lying in bed moaning and gurggling I got up and took a few pictures to update the 28mm Vietnam Gallery - click and check it out. I still have the PAVN/NVA and NLF/VC to add...

Kind of makes me want to bust them out and PLAY with them...

I did read Flying Lead a month or so back and have been looking for an excuse to try them out...?

Or perhaps it's time to revisit Force on Force and Ambush Valley...


  1. ...or FNG from Two Hour. Or have you checked out the FiveCore rules? They've got a lot of good things going for them.

    1. I have not even heard of FiveCore...? Worth looking into i take it? Is it a generic skirmish system? (I guess google will have my answers...)


  2. It's the generic version of 'Five Men in Normandy', which I'm really impressed with. Things I like about it include:

    - results read straight off the dice. Roll a d6 and you get a result on a 1 or a 6. For example,when a rifleman shoots he rolls a d6 Kill die and a d6 Shock die: on the Kill die 1=Knocked Down and 6=Out of the Fight (similarly on the Shock die, 1=Flinch and 6=Bail).
    - fresh approaches to cover (your opponent only gets to roll his Shock dice against you), initiative (you can activate any two figures per player turn, whether the same or different figures to last turn) and reaction fire.
    - no stats for figures, butdifferent weapons are differentiated by the number of Kill/Shock dice they can roll (ie LMG is 1 Kill and 2 Shock, but can trade the Kill die for and extra 2 Shock dice) and some flavourful special rules.

    As you've probably guessed, there's an emphasis on suppression and controlling-with-fire rather than killing outright, but that makes a nice change.

    Here's a nice batrep, if you don't mind me slipping in the link:

    Currently half price on Wargame Vault. Definitely worth checking out.