Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Still More Randomness: Dwarves, Highlanders, Dwarf Highlanders…

A few more odd and sundry items rolling off the workbench this week.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Catachan Demolition Specialist from Games Workshop

Dwavf Warriors from Games Workshop

Dwarf Miners from Games Workshop

An old assassin (or highwayman?) miniature – I think it was from Citadel Miniatures (Games Workshop)

Nun With a Gun from Reaper Miniatures Bones.

Creepy Courtly Advisor from Mega Miniatures

This past weekend I started watching the Outlander TV series (on DVD) with Amanda and got thinking I should paint something in tartan – if not wearing a kilt – so I broke out these lads:

Finished off the last of these early WW2 Highalnders – I can’t remember what tartan I was trying to paint, I just copied what I’d done on the ones I’d previously painted. I seem to recall it was from a regiment that snuck over with their kilts before the ban on kilts in the BEF could be enforced.

The figures are from West Wind Productions.

The rest of the squad (the squad leader from Artizan Designs)

Pulp Figures has a few packs of Highlanders of the same era I’d like to pick up to flesh out the unit at some point…

Finally a Dwarven Highlander from West Wind Productions. Not the best tartan I've ever painted... I was feeling lazy... 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have a bunch of Skaven on the workbench at the moment – part of a push to finish up a warband (or two) of them. A friend has been making grumblings about checking out Age of Sigmar and getting back into skirmish gaming. He used to play Skaven – and a few years back gave me all his old miniature – figuring he’d never use them again. I rebased a bunch of them for Hordes of the Things a few years back, and have been painting some of the ones that never got painted – and repainting some that had been. I thought I’d try and get a warband finished and see if I could get him to try out A Song of Blades and Heroes. I’d really like to get a campaign of that going at some point… 


  1. Great minis, Tim, some real eye candy!! Thanks for sharing, they all look super, specially the Dwarves and Highlanders. Cheers!

  2. Lovely work Tim. I quite like that charging dwarven highlander and that pistol-armed nun is very formidable!