Monday, March 7, 2016

Frostgrave Treasure Tokens

I had a few swords and bows and quivers left over from assembling my Seljuk Cavalry (more on that is just a few minutes!), so I thought I'd make a few more treasure tokens for Frostgrave.

I have to admit I got the idea of using glitter from some fabulous treasure tokens made by another local Frostgrave player - his looked way better though - I think it maybe partly due to the fact that he probably used better quality glitter - I used some cheap junk from the dollar store and the "gold" has a bit of a greenish hue to it...

Overall I'd say the experiment was successful. I think I'll try and source some better quality glitter and try making a few more.

Up Next:

Seljuk Cavalry for Lion Rampant!


  1. Can you please expand on how you did the glitter?

    1. Sure - I made a mound our of greenstuff on the base (a washer) and embedded the swords and such in that, primed teh whole mess, painted it, added sand and painted that as I do on bases. Then I simply spread some white carpenters glue on the mound and covered it with glitter, then shook the excess off. Afterwards I covered it with a dull coat as I felt the glitter was a bit TOO shiny.

    2. Thanks, from the photo it's hard to tell if the glitter is on the surface or inside something like water medium.

      I was going to make something similar from bits and pieces from Stonehaven kickstarters but then the mate I play with dug out all these old Citadel treasure markers from his lead horde.