Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mike Bravo Miniatures (Part Two)

As promised, here are the remaining figures that arrived last week from Mike Bravo Miniatures.

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(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Also part of the 28mm State of Emergency line - 1979 Paramilitaries in Balaclavas. These figures are nice and beefy miniatures and should stand up to the abuse I give miniature figurines – solid weapons, easy to paint details.

Their backsides.

I thought they’d go well with the thugs in balaclavas from Killer B Games that I picked up to do double duty as either criminal thugs or Provos.

Here they are in a long line up of some of the other modern-ish thugs with firearms I have… (From left to right); Hasslefree MiniaturesThe Assault Group, Copplestone Castings (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), Mike Bravo MiniaturesCopplestone Castings (Future Wars), Mike Bravo MiniaturesHasslefree MiniaturesMike Bravo MiniaturesVictory Force MiniaturesMike Bravo MiniaturesThe Assault Group.

I also picked up a pack of War Correspondents from their “Modern Miscellany” line.

Their backs.

Here is a comparison shot with a couple other TV reporters. The two on the left of the picture are from SuperFigs and the reporter without a camera operator on the right is from The Assault Group.

Another comparison shot of photo journalists (From left to right); Superfigs, Mike Bravo Miniatures, RAFM, Mike Bravo Miniatures, Black Cat Bases.

The war correspondents seem to be done by a different sculptor, they are stylistically quite different and considerably slighter than the State of Emergency figures.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably back to some Fantasy and Medieval stuff, considering what’s on my workbench at the moment…