Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Elves of Malvernill

North of the lands of the “Bunny Baron” - Phillipe du Lapin - across the swift-flowing Rosban River lies the dark woods of Malvernill. The woods are inhabited by a reclusive tribe of Elves. It is rare that the Elves are seen beyond their woods – but they fiercely defend their lands against any foolish enough to encroach upon them.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Here is a typical warband of the Melvernill that would be sent out to turn back any force entering their realm that was too large for the rangers that patrol their borders to handle. The Elves of Malvernil travel light and always by foot. They favour ambushing tactics – striking fast and furious from where their enemy would least expect it.

The force is organized for Dragon Rampant.

The Warleader (chosen by the council that governs the tribe) and his warriors.

They, as are the other units of warriors below, are classed Bellicose Foot reduced figure unit with “Terrifically Shiny Armour” (the “Terrifically Shiny Armour” upgrade it more a reflection of their martial skill than actual armour worn). 6 points

A second unit of Warriors

A third unit of Warriors

A unit of rangers

The Rangers would be classified as a Light Missile reduced figure unit with the “Sharpshooter” upgrade.

If I had more points I might make them “invisible”, but as it is they are 6 points and with the other three units that makes 24 points…

All the figures (except for one) are from Games Workshop (the one exception being from Hasslefree Miniatures). Thought the hasslefree mini fits in well enough, I would like to pick up ONE MORE wardancer to complete the unit. I also wouldn’t mind picking up three more of those older leafy-cloaked GW Wood Elf Way Watchers for my ranger unit….

The Boy and I have been talking about Dragon Rampant a bit lately and discussing warbands we might field. The Boy is mostly focused on an Orc Warband he is painting up at the moment. I wasn’t sure how he’d take this new force when I presented it to him as a potential opponent – thinking he might be suspicious and/or put off by the numerically tiny force compared to the hordes he is having to paint up – but as it turned out he was rather pleased to see that it wasn’t ALL archers that would pin-cushion all his forces before they even made contact. I think he is rather looking forward to clashing with these guys! 

Now back to work on the Halfling Horde! (then maybe finishing off the second and third Western-European-ish medieval retinues… and the Seljuk Retinue… and the Dwarf warband… and… and…)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Three weeks nothing… then three posts in two days… I have no idea what will be next or when… I have just a few Halflings to finish… but I also have this Lost in Space Robot model  that I promised I’d build for a friend begging me to finish it… so… 


  1. They look great. I shall look forward to seeing them take on the Orcs!

    1. Thanks Gordon!

      The Boy still has two units of 12 to paint... and he's rarely motivated to actually paint (he likes to PLAN, but actual painting... not-so-much....).

  2. Your elf warband makes me think "bows and Bowies" - it will be interesting to see how they fare on the field of battle.