Wednesday, August 24, 2016


(As promised in the previous post, here, finally, are some details about my upcoming event at our local game convention coming up in September!)

As an interim objective in the Vimy Project (and to raise some local awareness of the project) I am putting on a game at ToonCon 2016 that I am calling REGINA TRENCH!

ToonCon 2016 takes place  on 23-25 September 2016 – just before the 100th anniversary of the attack on Thiepval Ridge at the Somme. On 26 September 1916 the British Reserve army kicked off an offensive to take Thiepval Ridge, which dominated the upper Anchre River valley on the Somme Front. On the army’s right, The Canadian Corps attacked with elements of two divisions on a spur of the ridge. The First Division’s objective was to clear out Zollern Graben and Hessian Trench. Regina Trench itself, further to the rear, was not initially considered an objective as there wasn’t enough information available about the state of the barbed wire entanglements before the trench.

Historically speaking, though gains were made and some assaulting Canadians actually made it to Regina Trench on the 26th, they were obliged to give it up under relentless counter attacks from the Germans, and retire to previously captured lines. Regina Trench was finally captured later in October.

I’m calling the event Regina Trench, however, because I thought it might more succinctly indicate what the event is about. “Trench” is pretty much synonymous with “World War One” and Regina is the capitol of Saskatchewan (the province in which I live), and thus I’d hoped people would immediately glean from the name that the event is a game set in the Great War and that there might be some local (or at least Canadian) involvement. If I’d called it the “Battle of Thiepval Ridge” I doubt many would have had any idea what war it had taken place in, much less that there was any Canadian involvement.

As it stands I have the scenario and terrain (more or less) all mapped out and most of the figures  are painted. The Terrain, unlike the Vimy terrain, which I am purpose building to be a fairly accurate replica, will be made up of a more generic modular trench system of three lines (which will be designated Zollern Graben, Hessian/Sudbury Trench and Regina/Kenora Trench) that could be used for other battles. Over the coming weeks I will post updates on the progress of the terrain building.

For rules I will be falling back on my modified Contemptible Little Armies (2nd Edition) – the rules are simple, straightforward, and streamlined enough that anyone should be able to play – regardless of experience (or lack thereof) with miniature games or knowledge of military history or tactics. The preparatory barrage will be all mapped out as part of the scenario – the challenge for the players will be to more forward and get into the enemy trench line quickly before the Germans have time to set up after the bombardment passes over them.

For anyone local enough to attend – registration for the weekend is open and one of the four slots for Regina Trench has already been filled! For more information about ToonCon and how to register check out the website:

If those slots fill up really quick and there ends up being a waiting list, I have considered possibly expanding the frontage and including part of the 2nd Division’s part of the attack.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Stay tuned for trench line terrain building updates and pictures of new Great War Figures painted for this project! 


  1. I am following your progress with interest and I am looking forward to hear how the game went - good luck!

    And while I don't know the local connections to 'Regina trench', the name sounds very interesting and far more inviting than "Battle of insert_place".

    1. Cheers!

      I will likewise be checking in on your blog to follow your progress on your own WW1 Skirmish rules!

  2. Sighhhhh if I were richer I could fly in....
    Have someone take pictures!

    1. There will be pictures taken - and a big ol' blog report!

      And maybe, just in case my camera does something silly like it did on the vacation, I'll have my kids come by the table and take some pictures as well (though I think they've signed up for some other game during that time slot...).

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