Friday, March 10, 2023

40K - MORE Assorted Tallarn

 As promised, here are the assorted Tallarn Missile Teams, Special Weapons gunner and an officer that I needed to finish up a few units

The latest batch. I've also finished three more Missile Launcher teams, but I need to finish up their bases, so I'll be posting them later (individual miniatres I do the basing gravel when I attatch them to the base and thus when they're done painting... theyre DONE and just need any grass or shrubs I want to add - teams, on the other hand - are temporarily attached to separate bases for painting and once the painting is done I attach them to their permanent bases and THEN to the base gravelling and painting...)  

Tallarn officer for a Platoon Command Squad

A pair of Psykers from the Adeptus Astra Telepathica - the miniatures are old Wyrdvane Psykers, which aren't a thing any more, so I thought I might use one as a Primaris Psyker and the other could be an Astropath...? Initially I thought I'd make the one with the shades the Astropath (as they have their eyes burned out in the process of becoming an Astropath)... but then decided, having eyes burned out, they'd have no particular need of shades out in the desert... and also the one with shades looks like he's actively blasting someone (more of a Primaris Psyker thing) and the other is holding his head trying to focus and concentrate on... something... which seems, to me, like something an Astropath would be doing. 

An assortment of Special Weapon Gunners (four Plasma, two Grenade Launcher). The ones in black head-coverings are destined for Platoon Command Squads and the others to regular Infantry Squads. 

Up next are the Missile Teams and possibly a unit of five Roughriders - which will finish up the last things I need for a completely non-mechanized Brigade Detachment! 

(Before I get to that, there might be an update to the Back of Beyond Campaign!) 

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