Friday, March 17, 2023

40K - Tallarn Roughriders

Roughriders are back! (Technically they are "Attilan" Roughriders in the new codex - because those are the only ones GW is currently producing - which annoys me to no end... but I've complained about that enough, I'll shut up now...), so it seemed time to finish up a few of these old Tallarn Roughriders I've had sitting in a drawer for... well... a while... 

I just needed to finish up four of these to complete three "Squads" of five, making up the Fast Attack element of an entirely unmechanized Battalion Detachment! 

Four new Tallarn Roughriders. 

All the Tallarn Roughriders - in addition to painting up four more, they've all been rebased and had rifle buckets added (from Victoria Miniatures!) 

I do have a few more. Definitely enough to make two full squads of ten... but not QUITE enough to make a third... A brief look at eBay suggests it might cost me $100+ to try and finish up the third! Yikes! 

I do also have this old Suliman the Saracen model (from Warhammer Fantasy Battles 5th edition - so, a GW model) which I thought I could convert...? We shall see. I guess I should only worry about if if I actually get the first ten done and start seriously considering completing a third unit of ten. 


  1. The painting and basing look great! Can almost hear the thundering of the hooves.

    1. Thanks! I'm curious to see how they play. On a facebook groups someone suggested they're a bit of a glass cannon, but when they do get to charge, they hit HARD!

      The first batch I did a few years back, I added extra blanket rolls and saddlebags... to make them look like they've been out on some long distance patrols in the deep desert... I kind of rushed with these. I'll try to take the time with the next batch...