Monday, October 1, 2007

Modern 20mm British – painting update

I cranked out a few Brits over the last couple of days, vastly increasing my nominal roll of ready for deployment troops. Here they are:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are repainted ESCI plastics that I’ve had for decades – from a general NATO Soldiers box. There were Brits, French, Germans, and Italians in the set.

A full second company of Revell Modern Britsh.

Two extra section stands to bring my first company up to strength (well.. almost). As well as a pair of SF-GPMGs and Milan teams. The Milan and gunner are actually from the Revell Modern German Armoured Infantry box.

Here is the total force. One more company and I’d, more or less have a Light Role Infantry Battalion ready for deployment.

This is an update to the 20mm Modern British Post .


  1. great job its good to see british army in green cammo rather than desert cammo ,great job

  2. cheers!

    These were ostensibly for a Red Dawn/"Cold War Turns Hot" circa 1989 campaign scenario set in either the UK or North America... so...

    (Although I remember seeing Brits training in Wainwright, Alberta in 1992 and they were wearing desert DPM)

    I just have no interest in modern wars in the Middle East/Afghanistan/etc. - at least not in this scale where stands are sections or platoons and forces are battalions - everything seems so... one-sided...