Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tim’s Arsenal of Communist Aggression Expands Further

Another small addition to my Arsenal of Communist Aggression; the first (of SIX!) Ace BMP-1.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

There it is.

…and there is it again.

…and again… with some other stuff… I felt I had to take lots of picutes because it took so damn long to build… and I’ve got five more to do.

…again with some dismounted motor rifles infantrymen.

I also finished up a few other items to counter the Arsenal of Communist Aggression:

This is a British AS-90 self-propelled gun. A little beyond my “mid-to-late eighties” plan as these, I don’t think, came online until the mid nineties. Ah well. It just sits on the edge of the table anyway to remind me that I do have off-table artillery assets… This one didn’t require much work. It was a pre=painted kit and it was actually nice enough that I decided to leave it and not repaint it (as I do with most “pre-painted” items). All I did was stick it on the base, add the base stuff and a little weathering (mud/dust) to the vehicle.

A French VAB. I built this around the time I did the BRDM. It was a dream to assemble by comparison. I have four more – should be able to easily assemble them all in an evening. Maybe paint them in another or two…. Now if only I had enough infantry to deploy from them!

I’ve also been working on my 15mm desert armour for WW2. This has mostly been sticking them on bases and repainting the numbers on the German panzers. The numbers that had previously been on them were the three digit company-platoon-vehicle serials for a Flames of War(hammer) Panzer Company – as these will mostly be seeing action using Blitzkreig Commander for the foreseeable future, where vehicles/stands represent platoons, that whole number system just wouldn’t work so well. So I’ve been repainting them with single digits to represent which company they belong to.

I also have a pile of more Panzer II and III I should paint up one of these days… When I get those done I’ll have the better part of an entire two battalion panzer regiment! Well… an under strength one at least… I’m not sure I’’m going to be getting to those right away though.

Next up I think I’d like to put the nose to the grindstone and finish up the BMP, the third company of Desantniki, or maybe start in on a third company of British and/or maybe some of the Challengers and Warriors that I’ve picked up for them… I should probably do the British infantry first as they could always be deployed as light infantry of one sort or another (paras… commandos… etc…).

We shall see. I’m not going to set myself up any serious production schedules this winter. I think I’ll mix it up a bit to keep things “fresh”.


  1. Looking good. The Forces of Valour T-72s look great.

  2. Who makes the VAB?
    Great models, really like the bases!



  3. The VAB 4x5 is made by Heller.