Thursday, October 4, 2007

Whoops!? More Modern 20mm Americans….!

I forgot a couple modern 20mm Americans… They were hidden in with my Vietnam stuff but they are a little more recent than that. To tell you the truth they are closer to Vietnam than they are to right now "modern" day… They are from Combat Miniatures Grenada line (less than 10 years after Vietnam… and nearly 25 years ago now…). But as the nominal date for my “modern”/Cold War Russians, Canadians, Americans, and British is Mid-to-late ‘80s…. they definitely should have been included in the 20mm Modern Russian-Canadian-American post.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The two stands on the left of the picture are Rangers and the one on the right are Navy Seals. For Grenada I got the colours all wrong. The SEALs I tried to paint in a tiger-stripe camo, which they hadn’t used since Vietnam – they should have been in woodland camo. The rangers, which I did paint in woodland camo, should have been in olive drab… ah well…

Either way Rangers and SEALS would probably be fielded as attached infantry recce elements. Or maybe some 4/30, +1 to close assault, troops that could be air assaulted onto an important objective to hold until relieved!

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