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25/28mm World War Two

Back to a project started in October – I wanted to take stock of EVERYTHING that I had and come up with an all-inclusive LONG RANGE WARGAMING/TOY PLAN with what I have – both painted and still needing to be painted – and what, if anything I really need to get to finish the forces I’d like to have for any particular period… I’m going to try and finish up this project by the end of the year so I can have this Long Range Toy Plan to refer to when coming up with my Game Plan for 2008.

These are all for skirmish wargaming at a 1:1 figure scale. This is where I find I (and many others out there) get a little too…well… anal… about specific TO&Es of various unit types at various stages of the war… When, REALLY, when did any infantry section EVER go into combat with it’s full war establishment of men and arms?! Not very friggin’ often! Still they are handy for a place to start…

In addition to books that I own I have made great use of the Battalion Organization During the Second World War web site.


I’m not sure any of these guys have actually seen any action yet…? Maybe in some Pulp Adventure games I’ve run… I’ll have to do something about that in the near future.

I tortured my self forever about whether to do Army or Royal Marine commandos (because the have slightly different numbers and ratios of men and equipment in their sections at different stages of the war). In the end I decided not to paint on any insignia (other than rank chevrons) and went for an approximation of a near full-strength troop with most of it’s equipment… Both RM and Army Commando Troops – as far as I can tell – had the same basic structure: Two “Sections” that broke down into two “Sub-sections” and each of the Sub-sections was slightly larger than a regular infantry section.

Here’s the pics:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Here is the Troop Headquarters, From left toe right, Troop Commander (Captain), Sergeant Major, Batman/runner/signaler, Stretcher Bearer and orderly (RAMC, attached – it’s cleverly folded up real small like and hidden in one of their packs….), PIAT team, and 2” mortar team. With the exception of the PIAT team (which is from Crusader Miniatures) they are all Foundry Figures)

First section – in the front are the Subaltern and Sergeant; behind them are the two sub-sections as detailed below. These are again mostly Foundry Figures, with the exception of the Sergeant and his double lurking in the rear, which are from Artizan Designs.

Second Section – not quite finished… This section is a mix of figures from West Wind Productions, Artizan Designs, Crusader miniatures, and The Foundry

Some attachments from support troop – a Crusader Miniatures 3” mortar team and two Vickers teams (one firing, one moving) from West Wind Productions.

The Extras – Not quite enough to start in on a second troop. Mostly armed with Thompson SMGs… if they ever get painted they’ll probably be fielded as “specialists” (engineers with demo charges, etc.) If anyone else had a more immediate use for them, I might consider trading a few away (Not the PIPER!?)

so… The Plan…

Commando Assault Troop

Troop HQ
-CO (Captain) - HAVE: 1 Painted - DONE!
-TSM - HAVE: 1 Painted - DONE!
-Batman/runner - HAVE: 1 Painted - DONE!
-SB & Orderly (RAMC attached) - HAVE: 2 Painted - DONE!
-2x 2” Mortar Crewmen – HAVE - DONE!
-2x 3 PIAT Crewmen – HAVE - DONE!

2x Commando Assault Sections, each:
-Section HQ: Subaltern + Sergeant -
-2x Sub-sections, each:
--LSg t(SMG), Cpl (SMG), Bren, No.2, 8x Riflemen (SMLE) –
Totals (Per section/Per troop)
1/2x Subaltern (pistol) - HAVE: 2 Painted - DONE!
1/2x Sgt (SMG) - HAVE: 2 Painted - DONE!
2/4x LSgt (SMG) - HAVE: 2 Painted, 2 To Paint
2/4x Cpl (SMG) - HAVE: 2 Painted, 2 To Paint
2/4x Bren - HAVE: 5 Painted - DONE!
2/4x No.2 - HAVE: 5 Painted - DONE!
16/32x Riflemen (SMLE) - HAVE: 15 Painted, 17 To Paint

Within the Troop (assigned to Riflemen as required):
2 sniper rifles HAVE: 1 Painted, NEED TO GET: 1
2 Rifles with grenade dischargers NEED TO GET: 2 (well.. it’s be “NICE” to get…)

Attached Commando Assets:
From Heavy Weapons Troop
3” Mortar teams - HAVE: 1 Painted – DONE!
Vickers MMG teams - HAVE: 2 To Paint (one firing, one moving)

I have (to paint) about a dozen extra commandos with berets, packs and Thompson MGs, two extra officers, and some other odds and sods. The chaps with berets, packs and SMGs could be painted up and substituted into the sections as required – as I’m sure commandos scrounged extra SMGs – beyond the ones issued to sergeants and corporals – or they could be used as specialists – engineers with demolitions charges, etc

So I pretty much have everything I really need for WW2 commandos, just need to paint up the second section…


These guys HAVE seen some action – I ran a Disposable Heroes demo using them. They will hopefully be used at some point again in the New Year in an “All Quiet” campaign.

A Platoon – dangit! I took four pics of this platoon for slightly different angles and distances and settings and in EVERY ONE the Platoon HQ turned out fuzzy… Well there they are… These are a mix of figures from The Foundry and West Wind

Supporting Elements – Mortars and Machine Gun from West Wind, 6 Pdr AT gun from Artizan.

The beginnings of a second platoon and an unfinished sniper.

The Plan…

2x Para Platoons

Platoon HQ, each:
-Lt, Sgt, Batman, Runner
2xLt (pistol) - HAVE: 1 Painted, NEED TO GET: 1
2xSgt (sten) - HAVE: 1 Painted, NEED TO GET: 1
2x Batman (SMLE) - HAVE: 1 Painted, NEED TO GET: 1
2x Runner (SMLE) - HAVE: 1 Painted, NEED TO GET: 1

3x Para Section, each:
-Sgt (sten), Cpl (sten), LCpl (SMLE), Bren-gunner, No. 2 (SMLE), 5x Riflemen (SMLE or Sten)
Totals (Per Platoon/Total)
3/6x Sgt (sten) - HAVE: 3 Painted, 3 To Paint
3/6x Cpl (sten) - HAVE: 3 Painted, 3 To Paint
3/6x LCpl(SMLE) - HAVE: 3 Painted, 3 To Paint
3/6x Bren-gunner - HAVE: 3 Painted, 3 To Paint
3/6x No. 2 (SMLE) - HAVE: 3 Painted, 3 To Paint
15/30x Riflemen (SMLE) - HAVE: 15 Painted, 15 To Paint

Each Platoon also had several 'reserve weapons' allocated to it, namely a Bren gun and a PIAT (and stens!) (and 2” mortar?) – so some “riflemen” may be issued these to be carried instead or in addition to their SMLE or sten.

Attached Battalion Company Assets
-3” mortars & 3 crew- HAVE: 1 Painted, 1 To Paint,
-Vickers MMG & 3 crew - HAVE: 1 Painted - DONE!
-PIATs (additional from Battalion AT Platoon) - NEED TO GET?
Attached Divisional Assets:
-6 Pdr & 3 crew - HAVE: 1 To Paint
-Artillery Observer? Nice to get….

Okay so in the above plan I have included two packs of figures which weren’t pictured: Artizan SWW-165 British Airborne Ad Hoc Section (which I just bought… this afternoon…) and Crusader WWB-204 Paratroopers Sten SMG (which I ordered in to my Local Game Store – the Dragon’s Den - but doesn’t seem to be there now… so I’m guessing someone went in and asked one of the lads what I might like for X-mas… Iknow… kind of counting my chickens…)

One thing I DO still need then is a command section for the second platoon… at a first look through I wasn’t really taken by wither of the Artizan or Crusader options – which are most readily available to order through the Den – but maybe I’ll go for the Artizan Command II (SWW-167) – I mean who wouldn’t want a para in a kilt and a platoon leader leading the way with his umbrella!?


Every last one of these is from Aritzan Designs.

Have Painted:

10 assorted SAS/LRDG/Dessert Commandos with assorted weapons (6x SMG, 4x Bren)

To be Painted:

8 Desert commandos with SMLE
3 SAS-type with various weapons (2x SMG, 1x SMLE.. I think…)

These lads have definitely seen loads of action – first in Chaos in Cairo and later in innumerable Savage Worlds Pulp Adventure games! Once I finish painting up the rest I’ll probably organize them as such:

CO (SMG) –officer of some sort – depending on the mission… Captain or LT.
2IC (SMG) - Sergeant Major

4 sections, each with:
Section Commander (SMG)
Bren Gunner (Bren)
2 Riflemen (SMLE)

The extras will be specialists which could be wildcards (a character in Savage Worlds – my preferred set of skirmish rules) or not, and attached or independent as required…

This is not based on any TO&E – these are most likely only going to see duty as “desert commandos” in Pulp adventure games – most “special units” have always had pretty flexible organizations so “as required” seems pretty probable.

I have no real desire to build a full SAS Squadron or LRDG patrol or Desert commando troop – for the former two I’d really need a pile of vehicles and more guys, and the latter… well… I’ve already GOT a Commando Troop – I see no reason why they could not be used for any actions in North Africa or the Middle East?


Foundry Home Guard on bicycles and a spare PIAT team from Crusader Miniatures. I couldn’t resist the cyclists; I am, after all, a total bike geek!

Tamiya 1/48 scale British Universal Carrier. Some folks use 1/48 scale models with their 28mm figures. Thought I’d pick up this carrier to see how it looked. Silly really as it’s not really equipment that either Commandos or Paras made much use of (as far as I know…). A pair of Crusader Miniature shown for scale.


Oddball, Kelly and Little Joe. Who could resist? Artizan Designs.

There’s some more Americans at the Den… maybe some day if they landed in the bargain bin I might pick them up, find myself a Sherman to modify and a couple of tigers and run a little Kelly’s Heroes scenario…?


French Foreign Legion Platoon

Alright starting to loosen up here – the forces I have in no way represent a full-strength-authorized-war-establishment-TO&E platoon…. and I’m keeping it that way… I’m sure there was never a platoon in North Africa that ever neared full strength so why should I have one!?

These are all Artizan Designs as well.

French Foreign Legion Platoon

1x Lieutenant
1x Sergeant

3 Sections, each:
1x Caporal
1x Light machine-gunner
5x Riflemen

The extra officer is “le Capitaine”

That’s all I have and I’m not buying any more…

French Resistance

Some of these have seen some action… not as resistance fighters, but as landing parites from tramp steamers in my Pulp Adventure games. Really they’re just armed civilians from the 1940’s – could be used for anything…

The painted ones… a mix of West Wind Productions and The Foundry. Except for the two dames, the chap in the helmet and the two saboteurs with the demolition plunger thingie – these have all served as crew fro the S.S. Persephone. The one in the middle with the blue coat and automatic pistol – that’s Marcus Andres, First Mate.

The not-so-painted ones… again, a mix of West Wind Productions and The Foundry.

Have 16 Painted, 10+ to be painted (I’m sure I have some more – but they’re all mixed in with my other Pulp stuff…)

I have no need of any more French Resistance Fighters. More pulp stuff… maybe – but that’ll be covered under a different post…


25mm World War Two Deutches Afrika Korps

Once again, these chaps have seen plenty of action –like the LRDG/SAS types I first used them with Chaos in Cairo, and then as villains in PLENTY of Pulp Adventure Games. I mean Nazis are just the ultimate cardboard cut-out villain…

The Panzer-Grenadier Platoon (all Artizan Designs)

Support from the Company’s Heavy Platoon – and some casualties.

The little man himself, the bohemian corporal…

Okay now this is definitely straying into Pulp Adventure and away from Historical World War Two – but the ARE uniformed nazi-types and this lot have ALWAYS been used with my Panzer-Grenadiers – because my Panzer-Grenadiers have never been used for ANYTHING but Pulp Adventure games… (well that’s not true come to think of it; they were used once with the paras as part of the aforementioned Disposable Heroes game…) Anyway, in the center are Colonel-Doctor von Ravenhoff and his beautiful, but dangerous, daughter and assistant Heidi von Ravenhoff. One of the others was named Ernst Liechmann, another was Otto von Klausmiester (…maybe?) and I forget the other one’s name… it’s been a while.. I could probably look back through the game reports on this blog and figure it out… but I must carry on…!

Further into Pulp-land we go; Der Ubersturmfuhrer, Ilsa and the She-Wolves of the SS.

Karl Von Kindershisse (center) and his two Gestapo thugs, Gunter and Hans…

Motorized Panzer Grenadier Platoon

1x Platoon commander - HAVE: 1 Painted - DONE!
1x NCO - HAVE: 1 Painted - DONE!
1x Messenger/signaler - HAVE: 1 Painted - DONE!
1x Driver – not going to bother
1x Medic – not going to bother
1x Motorcycle orderly – might be fun, I’d need to get… not a priority though
1x truck/car? – not going to bother

3x Panzer Grenadier Squads, (each/total)
1/3x Leader - HAVE: 2 Painted
1/3x Assistant leader - HAVE: 2 Painted
2/6x Machine gunner - HAVE: 4 Painted
2/6x Loader - HAVE: 4 Painted
6/18x Riflemen - HAVE: 8 Painted
2/6x drivers – not going to bother
2/6x Kfz 70 trucks – not going to bother

Support (from heavy platoon, company, etc.)
1x 8cm Mortar & 3 crew - HAVE: Need to paint!
1x HMG & 3 crew - HAVE: Painted! - DONE!
TANK(s)! maybe a Panzer I, II, or III – just to give them something frightening to back them up… NEED (well… “NICE”) TO GET!

Other things I have:
Casualties – 3 painted, 6 to paint.
Hitler – done!
Pulp Villains – done!

Really I have two under strength sections… I don’t think I’m going to fill out the full platoon any time soon, if ever. This is plenty for the Pulp skirmishing I’ve been doing, and - looking at the potential opponents (commandos and paras) – odds are these guys are going to be on sentry duty defending some sort of installation in most scenarios I’m likely to come up with – so I really don’t need anymore…

25mm World War Two Germans

Generic German infantry for fighting on the battlefields of Europe

Section #1 – These are all Crusader Miniatures. They are finely cast and nicely detailed but look a little too well-fed for the starving teen-agers that fought the wars… “chunky’” would be how I’d describe them.

Section #2 – These are all West Wind Productions miniatures.

Some supporting elements –these are all West Wind Productions

The rest of the platoon – mix of Crusader and West Wind.

The Plan…

German Grenadier Platoon

1x Officer (MP-40) - HAVE: 2 To Paint
1x NCO (pistol?) - HAVE: 1 To Paint
3x Runners (one with telescopic sight) - HAVE: 1? To Paint, NEED TO GET: 1 (it totally need to get the sniper at some point!)
3x Light mortar crew – “NEED” TO GET(?)

Four Rifles Gruppe (Squads), (each/total):
1/4x Leader (MP-40) - HAVE: 2 Painted, 2 To Paint
1/4x Gunner (MG-34) - HAVE: 2 Painted, 2 To Paint
1/4x Loader (pistol) - HAVE: 2 Painted, 2 To Paint
1/4x Ammunition Bearer (Rifle) - HAVE: 2 Painted, 2 To Paint
6/24x Riflemen (Rifle) - HAVE: 10 Painted, 14 To Paint

Supporting Elements
1x 8cm Mortar & 3 Crew - NEED TO GET
1x HMG & 3 Crew - HAVE: 1 Painted (firing), 1 To Paint (moving)
1x AT gun (Pak 36 or 38…?) & 3 Crew - “NEED” TO GET(?)
Tank or Armoured Car – “NEED” TO GET(?)
Motorcycle patrol “NEED” TO GET(?) – I like the ones from The Foundry – both the patrol and the one with the side-car. Might have to pick those up some day…


Some painting to do yet here, but there’s nothing really pressing I need to get. I do need a second Para Command team (when I get around to doing the second platoon), and some German Equipment and vehicles might be nice. If I ever got around to playing with these a LOT I might find some more things to pick up… but… I can’t see that really happening soon.

If I put my nose the grindstone (so to speak) I could probably finish up everything I have in a month… might be something worth considering in 2008 – to have one completed collection – all painted and ready to go at a moments notice!

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  1. Holy cow Tim! You definitely have your hands full with your to-do list. LOL You and I are definitely alike in that we have many, many partialy finished projects. :-) I like the mix you have going, historicals and pulp. I know I am a die hard historicals but if I ever stray, it would definitely be for pulp.