Monday, January 7, 2008

20mm WW2 British Paras

Carrying on with my project to Take Stock of all my toys….. I now present to you my force of 20mm WW2 British/Canadian paratroops.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Battalion #1 - The Infantry and Command are from Platoon 20, the Vickers and Mortars are from SHQ

Battalion #2 - Command and Support are from Platoon 20, the Infantry are old Esci Plastics.

Battalion #3 – Command and Infantry are all Revell plastics. The unpainted Vickers is from Platoon 20 – I guess I could probably do with some more crew…

Battalion #4 – maybe this should have been Battalin #3…. whatever… The painted infantry and first rank of unpainted infantry are Platoon 20, the remaining three infantry stands are a mix of the Revell and Esci plastics… as some point I’d like to replace them with Platoon 20 figures.

AT Guns and Forward Observers. The AT crew are from Platoon 20, the guns from RAfm and the observers are from SHQ.

An extra PIAT team (Rafm), a jeep and a carrier (Vehicles – Rafm, Crews – SHQ)

Enough odds and extras for yet ANOTHER battalion – less the Vickers and mortars…

Most recent additions, from FAA, some figures to use as a CO stand and maybe an additional HQ, a third mortar team (for battalion #3), and an “assault team” which will be used as some engineers.

So, the Plan….

Well at the one stand equals one platoon, and formations are battalions (my preferred scale for WW2 action), I have enough for more than a brigade of paratroopers….!? Despite my tendency towards megalomania – I think I should concentrate on a single brigade for the time being (as I pretty much HAVE everything for a single brigade and much fun could be had with this alone) – someday when I want to do the entire Market Garden campaign – or at least the Arnhem part of it – I’ll worry about doing the entire division. So for now…

Parachute Landing Brigade
CO - Brigade HQ – HAVE – Need to Paint!
3x Parachute Battalions, each (total is for Brigade):
-1x BnHQ (3 total) - HAVE: 3 Painted
-9x Infantry Stands (27 total) - HAVE: 21 Painted, 6 To Paint (for a brigade, I HAVE another 18+ that could be painted), NEED TO GET: 3 more stands of Rafm paras to finish a complete battalion of them…
-1x Vickers (3 total) - HAVE: 2 Painted, 1 To Paint
-1x 3” Mortar (3 total) - HAVE: 2 Painted, 1 To Paint

Divisional Assets
-Recce Jeep Troop- NEED TO GET: 3? (Jeeps-Rafm, crew/conversion kit - SHQ)
-FAO/FAC - HAVE: 2 Painted
-ATGs? - 6pdrs - HAVE: 2 Painted, NEED TO GET: jeeps (rafm) Drivers (SHQ)
-17 pdrs? - NEED TO GET: ?
-Pioneers/Engineers? HAVE: 1 To Paint, NEED TO GET: 2-3 more?

These should really be a priority for early 2008 as there is so little left to do to finish off the brigade....

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Taking Stock and more planning for 2008 and beyond…


  1. Nice figures mate.
    I'd love to do Market Garden someday or at least Arnhem.
    Figures and vehicles are not a problem but building that bridge would be a bugger!


  2. nice collection you have done the plastics great justice!