Sunday, January 13, 2008

Taking Stock of Stock Taking

Back in October of last year I started on a project of Taking Stock of all the toys I owned – painted or not – and documenting them on my blog. The idea behind this was to, in addition to showing off all my toys, get a good idea of what I had and try and, y’know, get some of it painted…. Armed with a complete list of all the things I had I figured I could look at each army/force/etc, see what needed to be painted, and what I would still need to complete the forces, I could then come up with some sort of plan for completing them.

It’s been a bit of a slow process – hampered by indecision as to what exactly I wanted to do next and continuing to buy stuff on whims without a real, sensible plan… and continuing to paint new stuff so by the time I posted some stuff it was sometimes out of date… bah, whatever… Here’s the stuff that I’ve done so far, and what I have yet to take stock of…

Done So Far:


Modern British and French
(plus an Update on the British)

Modern Russians, Canadiand and Americans
-More Modern Americans
-Modern Russian Update #1
-Modern Russian Update #2
-Modern Russian Update #3
-Modern Russian Update #4… and some British and French stuff…
-Modern Russian Update #5
-Still more Modern Americans and British

-The Armour TO-DO list includes updates for some of the above plus more….

Afghan DRA - this wan’t really a Taking Stock post… bu it might as well be, it’s all I have, it’s painted now, I’m probably not going to add anymore at anypoint in the foreseeable future.

Vietnam – Americans and Vietnamese (and a few ANZACS)

WW2 British/Canadian Paras


Vietnam Stuff

World War Two Stuff

Seven Years War (in North America!)

The Successors

The English Civil War

The Dark Ages Normans, and Vikings, and Saxons – oh my!

Pirates! Ya-HARRR!

Still To Take Stock of…

Modern Afghans, Argentines, and African Armies
Armies in the Lebanon 1982 – Isrealis, PLO, Syrians, ets.
WW2 – Late War Germans, Early War Germans, German Falshirmjagers, Canadians for Sicily, Canadians for North West Europe 44-45, Russians, Americans

Victoriana – mostly Victorian Horror (Rippers), and a few Colonials and western gunfight types
Great War – Canadians, Germans, Armeis for East Africa
“Back of Beyond” – White Russians, Bolsheviks, Chinese
Modern Stuff – supers, civilians, soldiers, zombies.
Fantasy Stuff – skirmish figures and armies (Elves, Dwarves, Undead, and Orcs/gobins)
Sci-fi Stuff – random assorted rubbish
Pulp Adventure – good guys, bad guys, other worldly horrors

British 8th Army – North Africa/Sicily/etc
German DAK
German Early War

At the start of this whole process I had a pile of other stuff in 15mm… but as I took stock of it I realized I was just never going to paint anymore of it and I should just get rid of it… so I posted them as “stuff to trade” – and I got rid of them all pretty quick and got some sweet stuff in trade. (hmmmm – I never did do an update for the 20mm Vietnam stuff to include all the cool stuff I got in trade…)

Some of the things I traded away include:

15mm Modern Stuff - mostly MJ figures and mostly Brits and Argentines for the Falklands War…

15mm DBA Dark Ages Armies

15mm Fantasy – Hordes of the Things - Armies

I also have some German Falshirmjager in 15mm…. they’ll be next on the trading block!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

MORE STOCK TAKING!!! ...and a more detailed plan for the rest of 2008!

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