Sunday, January 13, 2008

28mm Pirates

Taking stock again, I thought I’d move on to the 28mm pirates…

No a number of these have been documented elsewhere on this blog under, so I’ll not repeat myself here. These are the other pirates I have in addition to the Crew of the Red Snapper.

I’ve also made a fleet of wee boats, which are well documented in Tim’s Naval Yard.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The lads. On the far left of the picture is a Rafm pirate, on the far right is a Reaper Miniatures pirate, and the rest between the two are from The Foundry .

Not Pirates per se, but they are 18th Cetury-ish types that could be raided and plundered by pirates! This is the West Wind Productions “Villagers” pack from the “Headless Horseman” series of the Gothic Horror line

Some really old pirates that need re-basing, and sprucing up… if not a totally new paint job (more and more of my older figures have been taking the Pinesol bath of late…).

Old, old, old Rafm English Officers. I painted these in high school (late ‘80s) when I was playing Privateers and Gentlemen… The one on the left of the picture was my character – he lost his leg in battle so I carved it down to a peg and repainted it!

Some of the “to-do” list. Mostly Foundry pirates.

More stuff to-do: Rafm sailors and marines. Pretty low on the to-do list as I’m more interested in the 18th century at the moment and these are Napoleonic era – I’d rather have my marines in Mitre caps!

More on the to-do list assorted French officers and marines, assorted sailors, some guns, and a few Corsairs – all Rafm.

A couple of Crusader Miniatures pirate packs recently cracked and affixed to bases.

I really need to make some SHIPS – unfortunately THIS one has been a work in progress for over two years…. and going nowhere! It’s also not really… well… historical… I think I’d like to make some that are basically bigger version of my wee ships.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Taking Stock of the Stock Taking!

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