Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Still More Recently Painted Stuff

I am the Energizer Bunny of painting… well… maybe not. But I do get a lot done. Here’s some more:

(Click on the pics for a larger version)

Uh… so… again deviating from the plan to get modern 20mm stuff for the Wargame Weekend THIS February I’ve cranked out a couple more Generals/HQ stands for the SYW/Quebec 1759 Project - which is in keeping with the OVERALL plan for 2008 at least… sort of...

I did actually get started on a BTR50 – which will be the CO stand for my Soviet Motor Rifle Regiment! Going slowly though – these ACE kits are a pain in the butt sometimes! I thought I'd start with an ACE kit and then "reward" myself with a Revell kit - because they're so much nicer to put together - then another ACE kit, etc...

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