Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Game Plan 2008 – Project Schedule

Well having decided to do Quebec 1759-60 for my Wargame Weekend next year I’ve got a lot to do….

January 2008
2 weeks – paint a pile of Fantasy Skirmish Figures - more or less done...
2 weeks – Assemble and paint 5 remaining BMP-1

February 2008
2 weeks - Assemble and paint 2x T-80, 1x T-72
2 weeks – paint more Russian infantry… maybe some American infantry…?

March 2008
Model 13-19 masters for Seven Years War (see Quebec 1759-60 post for details).

April – December 2008
Casting and painting like a mad bastard!

There are 39 weeks rom the beginning of April to the end of December and I have 39 units to paint (again, see Quebec 1759-60 post for details). That leaves the first 8 weeks of 2009 to do any catching up, full-scale play-testing (there will be plenty of smaller scale play-testing throughout the year as units get painted…). And building any additional terrain I might need.

There are a few units which are “optional” – some of the extra French Militia units, the Cavalry Corps – and a few units that I already have painted, though with older figures with not entirely correct uniforms for the era – British 35th Regiment, Langedoc, la Reine, Royal Roussilon – these will all be the last units I do in case things take a little longer and I run out of time…

Tonight and last night I’ve been painting a few pirates… I guess I better set them aside and get cracking on some BMP-1s!


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