Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Recently Painted Stuff

Why stick to the plan and get Soviet epuipment assembled and painted when I can do, y'know, something else...?

(Click on the pics for a bigger view)

General Wolfe's command stand. General Wolfe was painted ages ago, but based on his own wee stand. I recently finished up the Grenadier officer and stuck them on a base together to make a CO stand for my British forces. I'd prefer command stands, for this period, to be mounted officers - to account for that incredible rate of movement - but this is what I have and, well, I've never seen a picture of General Wolfe on a horse...

On the cover of a recent Wragames Illustrated I think there was a little diorama of teh death of General Wolfe... that might have been fun for a command stand!

Finished off a couple last Old Glory Militiamen and a Rafm Female settler.

I did start on a Russian tank and some evergreen trees that I need to get done for this February... stay tuned, I'll be getting them done soon enough.


  1. I love the Militiamen and the female settler. Nice attention to detail, Tim!

  2. Great !

    You got a lot of projects going on !

    where do you find the time?

  3. Where do I find the time..?

    Well, there's four hours between when the kids go to sleep and when I go to sleep. I don't own a television and I don't play computer games.... If I do hobby stuff, say, five nights a week that's 20 hours each week... You can get a lot of stuff done in 20 hours.