Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grey Wolves

I’ve been doing a lot of sculpting lately – more on that later, in another post – but last night I banged out a couple new WW2 Germans…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are the “Grey Wolves” from Artizan Designs. As with all Artizan figures they were lovely to paint. I was inspired to paint them up as I had started watching Das Boot earlier in the week. I have three more crewmen – but I’m not sure exactly how to paint them as they don’t match ANY of the German naval uniforms in the sole reference I have on naval uniforms of World War Two…. I’m not saying they aren’t correct – I’d hardly call the book exhaustive (It’s a small book and it covers the uniforms and insignia of 15 different nations!). So perhaps I’ll have to get back to watching Das Boot for some inspiration!

Then I'm going to have to build them a U-Boat!


  1. ...lovely looking figures; how will you use them?? Pulp adventuring??

  2. Thanks Steve!

    Yeah, I can't imagine too many "serious" or "historical" scenarios where these would be of much use. Commando raid on a sea port...? Maybe...?

    In fact MOST of my WW2 28mm fiugres have seen more action in Pulp Adventures than in anything else...