Sunday, May 11, 2008

15mm Great War figures for Trade

Next up on the trading block: some 15mm Great War figures …

I’ve had some success getting rid of most of my 15mm stuff so my friend John has asked me to help trade away some of his 15mm Great War figures. I’m throwing in a few of my own because I’m never going to use them….

If these are of interest to you see below for what John or I might be interested in for trade. We are interested in trading these, not selling them. Every wargamer out there has a box of shame - full of unpainted lead, rashly bought on a whim because it seemed like a good idea at the time – so go find those unwanted never-going-to-be-painted figures and see if there’s something you might want to trade for these…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This is John’s Stuff:
126x Minifigs Early War Germans in Pickelhaube advancing
58x Minifigs Early War French in Kepi advancing
7x Minifigs Late War French in helmet advancing
1x Minifigs French 75mm Field Gun and crew
10x Minifigs French Command
10x Peter Pig French Command
124x Minifigs Russians advancing
149x Minifigs Austrians advancing

These are mine:
16x Minifigs Late War Highlanders Advancing
5x Minifigs Late War Highlander Command
8x Peter Pig Highlanders in Glengarry
2x Minifigs Early War Highlanders in Glengarry
3x Minifigs Early War Highland Command in Glengarry

Here are a few of the Highlanders and Germans I’ve painted. I’ve mostly included this to show how nicely they paint up – I’m not actually all that keen to include them in the trade as I rather like how these turned out. I’d throw them in if anyone really wanted them though, to “sweeten the pot” – because it’s not like I’m ever going to have a use for them…

As I said most of this belongs to my friend John, with the noted exceptions above. He’s a little more selective about what he’d be willing to trade for. Generally anything 25mm or larger would be considered. More specifically he’s got 25mm Tricorne stuff (War of the Spanish Succession), 25mm Great War, and 30mm Scruby Napoleonics. Every so often he makes noises about getting into ACW or ancients (Romans of Greeks) – so if you had any of those in 25mm he might be interested.

I’m slightly less selective. If you had something I might be interested in maybe I could make the trade and then just paint some stuff for John in trade for his stuff…Here’s what I’d mostly be interested in:


WW2 – I mostly need equipment for British/Canadians and Germans, maybe Italians or Russians. I could probably be talked into other things that I don’t have any of if you had enough of it for an entire force (or a good start to one)

Vietnam – I’ve got piles of American infantry, but I could always use some Australians, boats, tanks, mortars, guns and other equipment…

Modern – My focus is sort of mid to late 80’s British, Russian, Canadians, French and Americans – I also have Afghans, forces for Lebanon in the 1980’s, Africans, and Argentines. If there was something else you had that was cool I could maybe be talked into it.


Early-mid 18th Century - Seven Years War, Pirates, etc. – This is my main focus right now. I’m mostly interested in the British and French in North America – but could easily be persuaded into taking pretty much anything with a tricorne hat (or a mitre cap for that matter!)!! I’d also be down with some more pirates…

Dark Ages – Vikings, Saxons, Normans, etc, etc.

Other Ancients… maybe…

ECW – I got a PILE of this in trade fro my DBA armies so it’s not high on my priority list (unless they were Scotts/Irish – Royalist or Covenanters!).

Victoriana – colonials, VSF, Victorian horror….

WW1/RCW – Anything really…

WW2 – (see what I mean about multiple scales…?) I have some British Commandos and Paras, a handful of Russians, and some Germans and some North African stuff (DAK, more commandos/LRDG-types, French Foreign Legion)… so, whatever… Anything for Europe/North Africa I’d be interested in…. Not so much the Far East… (then again I’ve always wanted to do something around the Canadians in Hong Kong….).

Vietnam – I have lots… whatever…


Fantasy… Sci-fi… Zombie/horror… (you can never have too many zombies…. well okay maybe you can…).

Board Games?!

Take a look at the Wishlist….

If you’re at all interested and got something good to trade post a comment with your email address – I won’t actually PUBLISH the comment…. It’s just a way of letting me know how to get in touch with you without having to publish my email address on this blog….


  1. Hey I hope you would check out Ancient City Con. We plan on having some great miniatures gaming.

  2. Nice Site.

    Good luck with the con. Florida's a bit far for me to travel to, however...

  3. Well I guys I have tons of unpainted 25s to unload! and I need WWI 15s!

  4. Great!

    Um.... How do I get ahold of you...!?

    how about drop me a line and let us know what you've got:

    timbrown AT shaw DOT ca

  5. Hehehe,and I know where they went...thanks Tim!